Police Arrest “Pantielover” With Pornography Showing Abuse of Babies

dennis_garthusWhat is most striking about Dennis Lee Garthus, 42, is not just that he wins the contest as the man who most looks like a freaked out sex offender. It is not that he is habitual offender. It is that his most recent arrest was for downloading (with the screen name “Pantielover”) pornography involving 1 and 2 year old babies. While nothing should surprise me at this state in my criminal defense career, I did not even know that was pornography involving 1 or 2 year old babies.

The FBI is reportedly using a Peer to Peer file sharing program to monitor users who are downloading and storing child porn material. They raided Garthus’s home in Joliet, Illiniois and found more than 2000 files on the computer, including many images of children between the ages of 1 and 8 years of age.

It is times like this that I wish was part of the sea otter species (or whatever species is farthest from Mr. Garthus).

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17 thoughts on “Police Arrest “Pantielover” With Pornography Showing Abuse of Babies”

  1. Jill-
    Thanks. I’ll check out the link. Hadn’t heard about that link. BTW, I’m reading “The forgotten war” by Dexter Filkins (actually listening) It’s excellent.

  2. Infant sexual abuse happens. Though it is not that well known that it happens and there is not much reserach and study being done on the subject. I have only found one research study so far online, though a thorough search of academic journals may turn up more.


  3. A Boys gotta do what a Boys gotta do.

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    Its not the pain, thats been complained.
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    I am sure Buddha can add a few verses.

  4. That is indeed a Smoking Gun quality mugshot for Garthus. I suspect he’s going to find out that his screen name has changed to “Bottom of the Prison Food Chain”. Good for him.

  5. Hopefully this fool will be locked in segregation for his own protection. I understand that Prison is Real hard on Men Like this. They have a special broom handle that goes snap. Ask Dalhmer.

    If he abused some child spare him no parents wrath. This fool should surly suffer. And if it were at my hands it would be short. But then again, I am sure that he was abused as a child too. There are some cycles that should be broken.

  6. FORMER DEM, What’s up? You never exactly sang in my choir but you made rational arguments without being ugly. Today you’re all demagogue-y and giving props to Kelly- Kelly the troll. Kelly the troll? Really, what’s up?

    There seems to be a lot of ‘on my last nerve’ type postings on this site the last few days. Are there sunspots or some major planetary conjunction? Trolls aside (and there’s been a corresponding influx) there’s a tenseness to the tone. I come here for fun but I’m getting twitchy over the news out of Washington too. I’m trying to restrain myself. 😉

    A couple of nights ago Prof. Turley was on Olbermann and I noticed a tone in his voice that made me look up. I’m generally multi-tasking at that time with the TV on. He was talking about the lack of options regarding an investigation regarding torture and the last thing he said was close to ‘We’re talking about torture’ and I think he even said it twice. But the tone was one I don’t usually hear him use. It was that tone a parent uses right before they say ‘OK, no TV, no X-Box, finish your supper and go to your room.’ Maybe I misunderstood the inflection but it seemed to be an exasperated tone. Maybe there’s just a lot of that going around.

  7. yes, i often wondered what the four letter spouting screwballs that use vulgar language on sean hannity’s web site and call into his phone line wishing him an early death looked like.

  8. David,

    That is a very good point. Some of those pictures have been released. Go to Common Dreams for that story. Yes, we do have a right to see those pictures and if we cared about the victims in those pictures and we cared about our troops we would show them and investigate.

    Andy Worthington has more information linking the pictures with Libya. Evidently we put people in Gitmo on behalf of our BFF, Gaddifi. We sent people to Libyan jails on his request as well. The suppression of those pictures has nothing whatsoever to do with the safety of our troops.

    “This little-noticed story, which I touched on in my article, The “Suicide” Of Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi: Why The Media Silence? has manifested itself as both countries have repatriated former prisoners and asylum seekers to face torture and show trials — or have attempted to do so — not because of the threat that they pose to the US and the UK, but as part of a morally bankrupt deal that followed Colonel Gaddafi’s pragmatic renunciation of terrorism in 2003, when he suddenly became a friend of the West, and his opponents were transformed, overnight, from freedom fighters to terrorists.”


  9. LOL!

    “looks like your typical Obama voter”!

    How right that is!

  10. I googled a federal rule of criminal procedure the other day and found, instead, a rule re: porn on the internet. I forget the number but the rule states that if you can dream it up, there’s porn related material on the web about it.

    BTW, the photos at issue are likely a lot like those Obama not to release last week in that each one is “worth a thousand words” toward describing the terrible actions that took place. In other words, it’s one thing to talk or read about infant porn or torture and entirely another to see it. Here’s hoping I never have to see infant porn, but that’s where the similarity with torture ends.

    Don’t I have a right to see images of war crimes that were committed by people paid with my tax dollars and taken with cameras likely owned by the people? When Cheney admits these techniques were carried out, not in a “ticking time bomb” scenario, but on a true prisoner of war, don’t the people have a right to see what was done in their names and to create a reason for a war that would spend hundreds of billions on a war that would kill tens of thousands of Americans?

    I would choose not to view any infant porn pictures if they were released in this criminal case, but shouldn’t I be able to choose whether I look at photos of torture carried out by my government?

  11. To continue:

    1. Alien invasion is real.

    2. There is no other intelligent life out there in the cosmos.

  12. This man looks like he has serious mental problems. That or his coke bottle glasses really don’t do him any justice!!

    Who is sick enough to create pornographic photos or videos of babies? Who can actually find that arousing??

    What concerns me the most about this story is the innocent babies that were in those photos, they are the victims. And the ones who truly suffered

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