Nice Doggy

humorous-086_smallWhile police dogs are often the focus of torts lawsuit, this training video of one dog leaping over a car at a felon firing a weapon is pretty amazing.

I had trouble teaching my past dogs to give up the damn tennis ball after a single throw.default

For the video, click here and here and here. Then of course there is this police dog which is more in line with my own pets. You have got to love this dog who seems to simply enjoy the run.

14 thoughts on “Nice Doggy”

  1. If Nancy Pelosi were a Republican, her political career would be over.

  2. Former Dem,

    Do not underestimate the value of special interest partisianshit…. RWR did it my preselecting WH press corp and Questions. Followed suit By GeoI. Clinton did it a little and GeoII did it by limiting what was stated on TV. See Dan Rather, punished for truthful news. CNN FOX only aired what was propagandised by Cheney/Bush. Do not fool yourself anymore than you already are.

    Kinda like a bad drunk its can’t be as bad as people say it is. So you ignore the rest….

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  3. STUPID and TRUE:

    Obama: “Now, movies I’ve been doing OK with because it turns out we got this nice theater on the ground floor of my house … So Star Trek, we saw this weekend, which I thought was good. Everybody was saying I was Spock, so I figured I should check it out and (making the Vulcan salute with his hand).
    So the White House is HIS house – and he thinks he is Spock-like?

    My GOD what a doofus 4% of America fell for..

  4. I guess shaking his hand didn’t help much:

    “Last anti-Chavez TV station in Venezuela faces shutdown”

  5. Rafflaw:

    I doubt it was Former Dem. If Buddha is correct and that was a German Shepard he would have given Former Dem a professional courtesy.

  6. What a leap! German Shepards (what the dog appears to be) are excellent working dogs. I had a military trained GS as a kid. Smarter than most humans AND harder working.


    Once again off topic and irrelevant.

    (Disclaimer: Any inference that FD is dumber and lazier than a dog is made solely by the reader and is not implied by this author.)

  7. That dog would make a better VP than this guy:

    Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker
    The vice president, well-known for his verbal gaffes, confirms at a dinner the existence and location of a secret hidden bunker that Cheney used during the 9/11 attacks.

  8. That ain’t no dog. Its a wolf. I think I have been bitten by it.

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