Alba Gu Bra! Scottish Student Accused of Crossdressing By Wearing Kilt

180px-Highland_soldier_1744Scottish Americans are outraged this morning with a story of a Utah principal who told Gavin McFarland, 14, that his wearing a kilt at a high school was inappropriate and might constitute “cross dressing.” The result has been a scene out of Braveheart: The Battle for Rocky Mountain Junior High where tprincipal Craig Jessop has replaced Longshanks as the freedom-crushing tyrant. Just wait until Jessop learns that the Scottish call to arms is Alba gu bra!

Since the end of the 16th century, Scots have worn the traditional garment showing their lowlands to anyone unfortunate enough to catch them in a breeze. McFarland was wearing his kilt as part of an art project but he comes from a proud Scottish family. Jessop has been told by the school district to apologize but, once on the march, Scots are a fierce people.

Here is a script for young McFarland for the meeting:

[District Rep]: The [principal] desires peace.
[MacFarland]: [Jessop] desires peace?
[District Rep]: He declares it to me, I swear it. He proposes that you withdraw your attack. In return he grants you title, estates, and this chest of gold which I am to pay to you personally.
[District Rep]: A lordship and titles. Gold. That I should become Judas?
[MacFarland: Peace is made in such ways.
[District Rep]: Slaves are made in such ways.

Scots. My Irish ancestors knew that the only way to go into battle was to strip naked and paint yourself blue. No cross-dressing there. No dressing of any kind.

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  1. Myths need to be corrected. In formulating a doctrine of “cross dressing” we have to do more than what the idiotic psychiatrist did in 1910 when he coined the term “transvestism.” All he was doing was making an attempt to FREEZE the sexes into their associated garments at the time. A larger perspective is called for! Starting with—both sexes are born NAKED. Both have a torso, 2 arms, 2 legs and a waist. NOT “sex differences.” Skirts/trousers are NEVER sex differences, no matter what kind of skirt it is. Neither are Scots born in kilts, it’s a TRADITION that at one time was an INNOVATION (it was not established tradition when it started!) Let people change! Let people differ! The Greeks wear a white pleated skirt with pleats in FRONT and the pleated FRONT does NOT make it “female.” Only identifiable sex differences are determined by anatomy–bras and athletic supporters. Men have worn almost innumerable skirt styles across history AS MEN and not “only the kilt.” That is microscopic thinking!!

  2. What bothers me is, what kind of school doesn’t let its children cross-dress? It’s oppressive to women and transgendered people. What about children who are planning gender reassignment; will the school force them to dress as their birth-gender?
    And why must they segregate gender by forcing appearance, when we don’t do the same for race or religion?
    My high school allowed men to wear skirts and high heels if they wanted to, and plenty of the Gothic boys did, in their own ways. It wasn’t any more distracting to the learning environment than a girl wearing a skirt and heels.

  3. Buddha,

    Your back, Jill is trying to sell me on a book at Walmart or a cheap date. One or the other I am not sure I am still confused as she was saying, something about Gender Confusion. I am not sure if she is trying to out me or not. But what ya gooing big boy?


  4. Jill

    The Cammy Sutra–is that some kind of Commie weapon? Yes, if you are a lesbian by nature, very much so.

    Is ammo involved? You bet. No blanks ever fired that I am aware of.

    Is there enough ammo to go around? I cannot answer that truthfully, but the little blue pill ought to fix that.

    Can you buy it cheap at WalMart? I think so, I have known some cheap ones that worked there, You asked for that one.

    These questions and many more, did you not mean “These Positions and Many More.” answered by Sally in her new column, “Say it Again, Sally” (ably assisted by A.Y. as the straight man)!

    Try “Myths of Gender”, Now I am questioning the question that I thought was settled already. That might be where she lays (I have dated here or one like her sister she worked at Walmart) It out very clearly. I was not disappointed!!!! . . . .

    The above was only done in humor. No animals, that I am aware of were harmed in making the above statements. No one running for Governor from Georgia was around them so they had to be safe.

  5. Jill, Lotta, AY,

    All I have to say on this change in topic is “safety first”. Don’t let an injury sideline you early in the game. Wild chandelier swinging monkey sex results in thousands of ER visits per year.

    Don’t be a statistic.

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