Alba Gu Bra! Scottish Student Accused of Crossdressing By Wearing Kilt

180px-Highland_soldier_1744Scottish Americans are outraged this morning with a story of a Utah principal who told Gavin McFarland, 14, that his wearing a kilt at a high school was inappropriate and might constitute “cross dressing.” The result has been a scene out of Braveheart: The Battle for Rocky Mountain Junior High where tprincipal Craig Jessop has replaced Longshanks as the freedom-crushing tyrant. Just wait until Jessop learns that the Scottish call to arms is Alba gu bra!

Since the end of the 16th century, Scots have worn the traditional garment showing their lowlands to anyone unfortunate enough to catch them in a breeze. McFarland was wearing his kilt as part of an art project but he comes from a proud Scottish family. Jessop has been told by the school district to apologize but, once on the march, Scots are a fierce people.

Here is a script for young McFarland for the meeting:

[District Rep]: The [principal] desires peace.
[MacFarland]: [Jessop] desires peace?
[District Rep]: He declares it to me, I swear it. He proposes that you withdraw your attack. In return he grants you title, estates, and this chest of gold which I am to pay to you personally.
[District Rep]: A lordship and titles. Gold. That I should become Judas?
[MacFarland: Peace is made in such ways.
[District Rep]: Slaves are made in such ways.

Scots. My Irish ancestors knew that the only way to go into battle was to strip naked and paint yourself blue. No cross-dressing there. No dressing of any kind.

For the full story, click here.

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  1. The Cammy Sutra–is that some kind of Commie weapon? Is ammo involved? Is there enough ammo to go around? Can you buy it cheap at WalMart? These questions and many more, answered by Sally in her new column, “Say it Sally” (ably assisted by A.Y.)!


    Try “Myths of Gender”, that might be where she lays it out very clearly. I was wrong, she’s a molecular biologist not a geneticist. Sorry about that.

  2. LottaK,

    If you can do it in all positions that they speak of, you too could join the circus. Oh yeah, I wouldn’t compare it to skydiving naked but who know. Anyone with experience, here?

  3. Jill, AY:
    I googled her and eventually followed the links to this article from ’93. It, or a very similar article was published elsewhere because the info in it is familiar to me and I am not familiar with the publication. It’s interesting reading.
    Sally: Kama Sutra? You naughty girl 🙂 I got into trouble in HS for reading that in study hall once. +Blush+ It too was interesting reading.

  4. I bet he is currying favors tonight. Let him take off and go on vacation and he then he becomes sporadic.

    Poor people depending on his, Mespo72Cubed, Mike S and FFLEO for sage advice.

  5. Sally,

    That is in the Kama Sutra, and the positions they show. Humm, and to think I did not join the circus for a reason.

  6. Jill,

    Things are going ok, sort of. I enjoyed the posts of yesterday immensely and this mornings were not to bad either. I though I was the only crazy one too, but, what can I say. It appears, that you are in great company. You must be a knock out, really, because its Jill All The Time. Do you per chance have a Radio Station or TV Show?

    FF LEO I think is ok, have not heard a peep from him. He must have run to the Border as they are aggressively trying to keep the cash from going back south. I remember the days when they only checked your vehicle coming back unless you tipped the other side well. Now I suppose that is an opportunity to check you out now.

    They ought to check the military transports and equipment leased to the CIA. I hear tell that they have large shipments everyday. Whether it is drugs or not I do not know.

  7. Anon Y.,

    It’s a really interesting book. Ms. Sterling works in genetics!

    I got a laugh from your post. It sounds like things are going well and I’m happy if that’s true. From one of the five sexes to another!!!

  8. Jill,

    I am going to have to remind you that this is not on topic and you must not show that you are in fact an intelligent life form, ok!!!! Do you understand. I find this highly offensive that you are showing that you have intelligence. What can’t you just rant?

    I am only kidding, no offense was meant. Even though I may disagree with you, you do have a different spin on this issue. 5 sexes come on. Really. I will have to read it myself.

  9. Jill
    Thanks for the book reference- I’ll look it up. I read an article the ‘5 sex’ model and found it fascinating bud didn’t have an authors name to go on.

  10. lottakatz,

    That’s a very funny story. I was just thinking of what cross dressing really means anyway. We believe there is such a thing as boy/man clothes and girl/women clothes but what does that mean? They are just clothes and why should it matter who wears what?

    There’s an interesting book by Anne Fausto Sterling called: “Sexing the Body”. She points out there are 5 sexes in the human race, not 2 “opposite” ones. So is it really possible to “cross” dress? I don’t think so.

  11. Semi-on-topic-tangent: The place I worked indulged the clothing eccentricities or preferences of its workers. We had a couple of folks so into the reenactment/history lifestyle that the wore their beautifully hand stitched period clothing all the time including to work. We had a Victorian Society that dressed and had teas and other social events and posted their newsletters, photos and recruiting announcements on the bulletin boards and we had one lone Scotsman that after visiting his ancestral homeland came back and adopted his family’s traditional dress as his 24-7 mode of dress.

    He was dashing to say the least. The only thing missing were the long and short blades. I knew him, liked him and complimented his new look because he did look great.

    The hitch was he was short, maybe 5’2″, and weighed about 300 lbs. Srsly. Obviously, his kilt length would have been no longer than a micro-mini on a professional model. This became a matter of concern for management.

    His job required a lot of bending and lifting and he worked with women in a semi-public area that received a lot of visitors. The good thing was that he wore underwear. The bad thing was everybody in the work area got to see it regularly. Management wanted him to stop wearing the kilt or drop the hem to the floor.

    I heard about the dispute ‘in anticipation’ of a potential labor dispute over the matter but the employee went back to wearing pants and I didn’t have to get involved. A bullet gladly dodged.

    “My Irish ancestors knew that the only way to go into battle was to strip naked and paint yourself blue. No cross-dressing there. No dressing of any kind.”

    The blue people of the English isles, wow, as I recall the Romans stopped short of their drive to subdue all the northern isles with the land of the Blue people. They were too fierce. I didn’t know they fought naked. Obviously, their spirit and their weaponry must have been tre formidable .

  12. It would be different if he showed up in a hot pink lacy skirt with heels. A little common sense would have gone a long way in this matter

  13. In the words of that famous crossdresser, Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”

  14. This does not recommend Mr. Jessop for further employment as a Principal, or an educator of any sort. One presumes that our educator’s have a minimum of insight and intelligence.

  15. Mr. Jessop’s suggestion that a student’s wearing of a kilt might be considered “cross-dressing” means only that that possibility was in Mr. Jessop’s mind. I don’t pretend to know where Mr. Jessop’s mind resides, but it is somewhere between the land of Ignorance and the island of Perversion. Nowhere else would anyone discern a relationship between the words “kilt” and “cross-dressing.”

  16. Tyranticipal Jessop is probably English and still smarts from the memory of his ancestors having their collective heads handed to them. The kilt is just symbolic of that long ago trouncing and it still stirs the fires of ancestral shame.

    He should have just been a man about it and acknowledged his better and moved on.

    As we say in Virginia “Sic Semper Tyranus”

  17. And to think that Adam only had a Fig Leaf and then ate of the forbidden fruit and then realized he was naked.

    Frankly the Scots do not care. In Texas we had Three Legged Willie, don’t ask me how he got that name.

    In Utah, is English the language of first re-tort?

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