Republican Leader Calls Chuck Schumer “That Jew” and Then Makes Things Worse

hendren-kimRepublican Kim Hendren is the minority leader of the Arkansas state Senate and seems to have a gift for the moronic — if not the antisemitic. Hendren called Schumer “that Jew” in a television interview and then struggled to name a Jew he liked.

Hendren was upset that Schumer called conservative Republicans “hard right” on the Rachel Maddow show. He proceeded to argue that Republicans like himself are actually “not right” in the head.

When asked to name a Jew he respected, Hendren went back a couple 2000 years to name Jesus. When pushed for something a bit more contemporary, he named Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman. That would be two: Jesus and Lieberman. I suppose that is a start.

He insisted that the problem is that he does not use teleprompters: “I don’t use a teleprompter and occasionally I put my foot in my month.” Nevertheless, he insisted that “[w]hen I referred to him as Jewish, it wasn’t because I don’t like Jewish people.” Oy vey!

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14 thoughts on “Republican Leader Calls Chuck Schumer “That Jew” and Then Makes Things Worse”

  1. The GOP was just jealous that the Democrats have a President who can read something other than My Pet Goat. Barack might even be able to digest things like “Bin Laden Deteremined To Attack In United States.”

  2. On Teleprompters and Their Widespread Usage

    The stooges for the Plutocratic Party and their Dupes are trying to show that Obama is unable to speak without teleprompter script. They must think we citizens have never seen him at a townhall style meeting or press conference speaking extemporaraneously and intelligently. Moreover, all tv news anchors, most politicians everywhere giving invited speeches, and all hosts of television documentaries use them.

    This kind of bilge after our having endured eight years of their gross incompetent loitering in the Oval Office who could not string sentences together. In fact, in his rare press conferences, he often “winged it” because of his incredible lack of information about his allegedly own policies and programs. The end result was often just plain rambling.

    He was even worse with his own teleprompter usage. How well we remember his slightly tilted head, looking at the teleprompters, with a kind of intimidated look on his face suggesting he was fearful that he might run across a word that he would have forgotten how to pronounce. In fact his total performance with a teleprompter was very much like that of a kid still in the process of learning to read well.

    Despite all this, the propaganda henchmen of the Plutocracy have the utter gall even to bring up the subject of teleprompter usage aimed at Obama.

  3. Gyges, I can think of a few courtroom occasions when I was in serious need of a teleprompter.

  4. Mike,

    The Teleprompter fad is supposed to be a subtle dig at Pres. Obama. I’m not sure how pointing out that Obama using a teleprompter is insulting to him, but it’s supposed to be.

  5. What goes into office half white and half black but turns red?

    Answer: Barack Obama

  6. What he really meant, of course, was that even though he dislikes Jews, he would not have publicly said so had he had the benefit of a teleprompter. He probably refers to Michael Steele as “that Negro.” BTW, why are we constantly hearing about teleprompters these days. Are they actually designed as a substitute for brains?

  7. I am not surprised at a Republican referring to Senator
    Schumer as ‘that Jew’..just like John McCain referred to then Senator Obama as ‘that one’. No wonder the republican party has just about lost everybody under 40 years old. They are truly old white dinosaurs.

  8. BIL, Sally, AY, DON’T DO THAT WHILE I’M EATING! I almost choked to death while ROFLMAO. (you guys are quick, and baaaaad) 🙂


    DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING CONSTRUCTIVE ABOUT THE CHANGES OF THE ADA on January 1, 2009 AND HOW THE COURTS ARE now Interpretating “Failure to accommodate with an obese person/ diabetes?”

  10. Usually seeing somebody in terms of their ethnicity is a clue to how the speaker feels about that ethnicity. When he is unable to name any other Jes besides Jesus and Lieberman, it betokens a problem. Surprisingly he doesn’t mention Congressman Cantor, who has become the most well-known Republican Jew. To me it is a mark of how far we’ve come in America, that as a Jew I find this man’s remarks more amusing than threatening.

  11. Sally,

    I should get slapped for this, but here it goes. She has had so many face lifts that she now needs to shave.

    Sorry if I offended anyone again.

  12. I would have named Joan Rivers as a Jew that I liked, even if the woman has spent more on plastic surgery that I did on my first home

  13. Dez ol’ suthen’ boy’s eyes is a’tellin’ me that man in the pickshur iz frum ‘da Kue Klucks Klan an’ of Nautsee deesint.

  14. Jesus and Lieberman in the same sentence.

    I’m surprised the whole blog didn’t just burst into flames or toads didn’t come shooting out of my screen. If I were Jesus, I’d really not like the association no matter how tangential.

    At least Hendren is illustrating that stupidity happens at the state level too. Which is nice. In his defense, Jesus may have referred to Lieberman as “that Jew” too. Not as an invective, but rather as a clarifying declarative as in “Oh, you mean THAT Jew. Him? Yeah, he’s a little meshuggenah. Dad occasionally ‘touches’ someone.”

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