How Can an Egghead Nerd Clear Out a Room Full of Bodybuilders? Just Scream “Urinalysis!”

180px-Bodybuilder,1953200px-Lukáš_OsladilThere was an interesting scene at the Belgian bodybuilding championship when all of the competitors reportedly fled at the appearance of a lab nerd with an anti-doping testing kit. Note: neither of the bodybuilders shown here are accused of doping, but the standards have clearly changed in a few decades.

Doping official Hans Cooman reportedly exclaimed that “I have never seen anything like it and hope never to see anything like it again.”

Previously, anti-doping testers in northern Belgium’s Flanders region found that three-quarters of the competitors tested positive.

It is not clear if any screamed, ala Milo Perrier on Murder By Death, “I’m an Not a Frenchie, I am a Bulgee.”

For the story, click here.

25 thoughts on “How Can an Egghead Nerd Clear Out a Room Full of Bodybuilders? Just Scream “Urinalysis!””

  1. Good read, lottakatz. I do think it’s a shame that things like that happen often. The INS is poorly organized and innocent people suffer because of that

  2. Sally:

    This happens way more often than we hear about. Thanks to racial profiling and the fact that Americans don’t have to carry their papers with them. A nice catch 22 for the poor slob citizen that’s stopped and can’t produce papers. Compound that with stupidity and a presumption of guilt and what you have is Kafkaesque at least. Just Google ‘US citizen detention INS’ and follow the links (not all) that jump out at you. Aparrently the INS detention program is HUGE and the population they hold is also.

  3. Sally,

    You may not have, but others certainly have. I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m going to venture that you’re not a poor, recently naturalized Mexican-American laborer. Perhaps if you were, you might feel a bit differently: people in marginalized groups like these certainly get more than their fair share of police attention with practices such as racial profiling.

    And as far as your karma argument goes, corrupt people in power normally do get away with things (otherwise, they probably wouldn’t do them!). Look at the Bush administration for an example.

  4. “This is hilarious. I think this quote is from the Bible: “By their pee shall ye know them.”–Something like that anyway.”

    LOL–Got me thinking about that biblical strongman Samson whose girlfriend wanted a nice hair sample. Hair samples might replace urine samples because of the available timeframe. No wonder so many of today’s Samsons chose to be hairless.

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