Five Officers Fired and Face Possible Criminal Charges After Video of Beating Unconscious Suspect

defaultA video showing police officers beating an unconscious suspect, Anthony Warren, had led to the firing of five Birmingham officers. The beating occurred after a high-speed chase. An officer turned off the video camera but it still was able to capture the critical footage.

What is most disturbing is that the video only recently was shown to top police officials despite the fact that any as six supervisors saw the video and apparently did nothing. To the credit of the department, there will be discipline for those supervisors who failed to report the incident to higher-ups. Hopefully, they will at a minimum be stripped of rank and returned to patrol duty as non-supervisors.

There is also the possibility of criminal charges against the officers.

From our past stories, it seems often the case that such brutality occurs after high-speed chases where officers are understandable “pumped up” and often angry. In this case, Warren almost ran over an officer and endangered numerous citizens before his van turned over and he was ejected on the side of the road.

It seems likely that there will be a civil lawsuit. While the actions this week are commendable, the failure of supervisors to act will likely support a tort action against the city and the police.

For the video and full story, click here

32 thoughts on “Five Officers Fired and Face Possible Criminal Charges After Video of Beating Unconscious Suspect”

  1. I totally agree with Teach on this one. All of us that work have to be a professional and these cops did not act like professionals. I also dont get why they would hit someone that is unconscious ???

  2. I am not saying what the officers did is right but did you see how the mini van almost took out that cop. I could see why they would be so mad.

  3. Rater, the only dynamic I see involved is a suspect who led police on a high speed chase over 50 miles and struck an officer with his vehicle while they were standing in the road. It seems baseless for the mayor to draw comparisons between what happened during segregation and the civil rights movement over 40 years ago. By the way, one of the officers involved in the incident and also fired was black.

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  6. How can one be annoyed by Mayor Langford recognizing the racial dynamic of this situation. Birmingham has a legacy of race-based police brutality.

    Is it just a coincidence that the cops who were dismissed are white and the person who was beat while unconscious is black?

    How could anyone not recognize the obvious, racially?

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  9. What annoys me is mayor Larry Langford interjecting race into the incident. I doubt it would have been any different had the person driving the vehicle had been white. He talks about how the “incident brought back to mind days of segregation and police brutality toward blacks.” as if that is the sole reason why the suspect was beaten. And reading up on Langford I don’t think he’s someone who should be judging people given his checkered legal past.

  10. Patty C – Not. Everyone speaks tongue in cheek, anatomically speaking. I understand your position. 🙂

  11. You completely missed what I just said.

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