Officials Announce Investigation Into Minnesota Police Unit — Within Hours Computer Trackers are Shutoff and Documents Shredded

MGSF_logoThe Star Tribune is reporting that within hours of state officials announcing an investigation into the Metro Gang Force. Officials released a report about missing money and lack of records at the Metro Gang Force, someone turned off a computer showing who enters the building and began shredding documents.

The missing money includes $18,000 in seized cash and over a dozen cars.
Reporters found shredded documents in trash cans outside of the office.

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9 thoughts on “Officials Announce Investigation Into Minnesota Police Unit — Within Hours Computer Trackers are Shutoff and Documents Shredded”

  1. Stalking units (aking to Red Squads) are operating all across this country and no one is apparently doing anything to stop them. There appears to be a police presence in these groups, but I can’t confirm this. Are they an outgrowth of Cheney’s Terrorist Surveillance Program? Are they COINTELPRO or “no touch torture” experiments by the CIA? One is left to speculatem, as to the origin and motives of these groups. They operate “in plain sight”, but are invisible to most. It’s an outrage that this is going on in America. “No evidence, no crimes”, so the police won’t help. “It’s a criminal matter”, so the ACLU won’t help. What are the victims of these crimes to do? Could someone in a position of power get the ear of someone who might be able to investigate?

  2. CCD,
    You are correct about our friend, Cherry. Of course these official crooks must be Democrats. I think you will find that missing $18,000 in Cheney’s man sized safe that he used to hide his torture papers.

  3. I need to clarify what I wrote above because many of you probably don’t know the political implications of who runs this task force, and guess what, they ain’t Republicans. No sireee.. DEMOCRATS.

  4. Yes, your tax money at work; a super high horsepower shredder was the first thing they bought with our tax money. After that came the trips, the bonuses, the parties, the sports tickets, etc.

  5. What about Public out cry’s?

    Lets see it starts snowing in about Oct of every year and we start drinking about that time too. Then about May comes the thaw and we quit doing both.” You think they sobered up yet?

  6. These task forces are highly trained to respond immediately to public emergencies.

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