Laying Hands Upon: Ex-Child Molester Becomes Preacher and Molests Children

47074544Police have arrested Billy Masters, 66, reportedly the preacher at Harvest Baptist Church for first-degree sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy. What is remarkable is that Masters previously was convicted and served time for sodomy of a child.

In 2001, Masters was reportedly convicted of sodomy against three male victims. He pleaded guilty to three counts of sodomy and one count of sexual abuse. He was sentenced to 15 years for each sodomy charge and 10 years for the sexual abuse count. Because they ran concurrently, he was released in 2007.

Perhaps someone can explain how such a man becomes a preacher again working with children.

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7 thoughts on “Laying Hands Upon: Ex-Child Molester Becomes Preacher and Molests Children”

  1. We are paying for our refusal to admit that such people are mentally ill.

    If we were willing to call them insane, they could be kept locked up in mental hospitals indefinitely–for as long as the doctor says they are a danger to others. That is the legal standard for involuntary commitment. And since medical science acknowledges that there is no present cure for this disease, that means they could be institutionalized for life.

    But no, people don’t want that. They say that letting them plead insanity would be “letting them off.” Sending them to the loony-bin wouldn’t be “punishment.” (Most people have never been in a mental hospital. Believe me, it is not fun.)

    So they are handled by the criminal justice system, which must give them the right to finite prison terms and parole and early release for “good behavior.” (No little boys to rape in prison.)

    Again, we shoot ourselves in the foot because of our stupid need to see ourselves as “tough.” Even when it’s blindingly clear that correctly labeling them as insane would effectively rob them of the rights that will otherwise allow them to go free and rape children again.

    Idiots, we are idiots. And these babies and their parents suffer, and more will suffer, because we are idiots.

  2. Praise the Lord and may the same fate happen. Prison Love, Bunk Junk, Bunk Housemate. Oh what a feeling.

  3. But isn’t the guy forgiven?
    Doesn’t that mean that he can continue to offend and then to to church and pray to Jesus, as for forgiveness, be saved, and then go back to molest more kids?

    Isn’t that a church everyone should want to go to?

  4. Four innocent young mens’ lives ruined. I would have no problem with seeing the death penalty in cases such as this. He cannot be rehabilitated and he beat the system to repeat the same act.

  5. Well it appears that Chester the Molester was from the bible belt again and this time it was no Texas.

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