Susan Boyle Triumphs with Cats Performance

defaultWhile the start was a bit shaky, Susan Boyle handed in another remarkable performance this week. While we do not often follow shows (and I have yet to see one of these shows), the video below may be of interest to our bloggers.

Not surprisingly, Boyle (who has become a cult figure) won the popular opinion. I would hate to be up against Boyle in such a competition given her popularity after her first performance. Except for the off-note at the start, it sounded pretty darn good to me.

The song must have pleased her well-published roommate/cat.
For the video, click here.

13 thoughts on “Susan Boyle Triumphs with Cats Performance”

  1. I always find it life-affirming that some people can rise to the occasion in special moments in time. Boyle’s performance in the recent video was solid and deserving of attention but pales when compared to her maiden effort. Her performance of “I Dreamed a Dream,” was magical and as fine as effort as I can recall. I don’t know if it was the novelty of it, or the natural identification with such an underdog story, but it was only slightly less moving than Paul Potts’ rendition of the aria,”Nessun Dorma,” on the same show last season under similar circumstances. I don’t know if the lesser impact of the song from “Cats” was due to my perception of her performance or the performance itself (certainly a Kantian question, eh, Bob,Esq.) but I am always in awe of the power of the human spirit, and close approximations of perfection embodied by such unlikely standard bearers as Susan Boyle.

  2. Former Federal LEO: Innocence lost…

    I may be misinterpreting you…but I agree.

    As much as I would love to see Susan Boyle have her dreams come true all I can see are the maggots and scumbags that will inevitably seek to use Ms Boyle for their own personal gain.

    I really dislike being so cynical

  3. Brava Ms Boyle, it’s always cool to watch people develop their talents.

  4. I thought about responding to horatio (in addition to penn’s quite relavant one), but horatio, other trolls and conservatives in general just aren’t worth the time.

  5. I see the North Koreans set off a Nuclear Bomb without the CIA finding out ahead of time they were going to.

    Didn’t take long for Obama to ruin the CIA did it?

  6. She does have a beautiful voice particularly when she can use her power. When she puts her lungs into it her voice kinda reminds me of Sarah Brightman.

    The thing I find most appealing about her singing is that she actually SINGS actual SONGS. I’m sooo sick of hearing every singer these days, especially young singers, trying to emulate Celine Dion or Luther Vandross (both of whom I find quite annoying) with that very tiresome constant movement up and down the scale to avoid holding a single note for four or eight beats.

  7. I was not a big Cats fan, but that song was a good one and she performed it well. Her story is an amazing one.

  8. Listening with a professional ear I give her a high rating. The opening note was off yet Susan was able to move through that and sing a very difficult song with grace and beauty.

    The pressure on her was enormous and I for one am anxiously awaiting to see if her dream of singing of “making something of herself” will be born.

    Bless the angels that live and remain unspoiled.

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