The Saddest Show on Earth: Police Bust Clown in Front of Kids

9734g1For many kids, clowns are already pretty scary. For the kids at the Ogden 20K Race, their fears were realized when officers of the Wheeling Police Department arrested and cuffed Patricia Ingalls who was in her full clown outfit for a hit and run.

There was reportedly only one in this clown’s car when she left the accident. The police found Ingalls had an alcohol-blood level of .252 or three times the limit. It is not clear if the red nose a dead give away.

She insists that she drank after she arrived at the clown job (not much of a comforting thought for children). She did say “I’m not aloud to drink in costume and I should have never went because I was too upset.” It was the stress that made her join Barnum ad Baileys Cream.

She told reporters that the kids were pretty upset: “They were all hanging on me and saying, ‘Don’t take the clown.” The clown, however, was taken.

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  1. What’s up Pussy Cat? But not as scary and as bad as John Wayne Gacy.

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