Funeral Home Operator Accused of Abandoning Four Bodies in Building Since 2006

220px-The_ScreamIn torts, we have seen a steady line of cases related to the abuse or mishandling of corpses. However, this Indiana case is off the charts. Rev. Reginald Burrell and his parishioners from Northlake Church of Christ went to their newly purchased building only to find four bodies abandoned from 2006.

In 2006, the Indiana State Board of Funeral and Cemetery Services revoked the business license for Serenity funeral home owner Darryl Cammack. It is believed that the bodies may have simply been left on the property.

According to reports, one body was found in a bag, another in a corrugated burial box and two stacked on top of one another in a casket.

Cammack also lost his funeral home license in Illinois in 2003. He could now face both civil and criminal liability over the bodies.

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3 thoughts on “Funeral Home Operator Accused of Abandoning Four Bodies in Building Since 2006”

  1. I think it’s from huffing all the formaldehyde! It can kill brain cells and make one forgetful. Maybe that and drinking too much redbull.


    Good one!

  2. Well this one was not as bad as the Hersh that was Repoed with a body in it. Chicago area I think.

  3. Or, as Don Rumsfeld would put it, you get out of the funeral business with the bodies you have.

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