New York Police Officer Killed By Fellow Officer Pursuing Suspected Car Thief

215px-NypdpatchA New York police officer has been tragically killed by a fellow officer late last night. New York Police Department Officer Omar Edwards, 25, was shot twice by another officer who was chasing a man that he believed was trying to break into his car. He mistook Edwards for the suspect and shot him.

Edwards had just finished work and was in civilian clothes when he was shot. The news accounts leave out the most important fact: did Edwards draw his weapon? The other officer would not be justified in shooting the suspect unless to protect himself or others from an imminent threat. Car theft or burglary is a property offense.

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11 thoughts on “New York Police Officer Killed By Fellow Officer Pursuing Suspected Car Thief”

  1. This is a tragedy, two young men who with the exception of the color of their skin enjoyed the same values for family and life are destroyed. PO Edwards is dead and PO Dunton has to live with it for the rest of his life and what do our so called leaders do, fan the fire of racism and hatred. That old man from Harlem Charlie Rangel tells the President of the United States not to come to Harlem without ID and Rev Al Blabbermouth Sharpton decides this is a racial problem without even having the benefit of an investigation. How come our President hasn’t rebuked Rangel’s statements and try to calm these flames, because he is worried about taking his wife out on a date.

  2. Eniobob,
    Thank you for the follow up. To me based on what’s known so far this is more a tragedy than a case of culpability. An unidentified officer in plain clothes, with a weapon out chasing another man through the streets, what were the officers supposed to think? When he turned towards them, still holding the gun, they moved to protect themselves.

  3. It seems that NYPD’s policy needs to change. Shot first, then ask questions later is no good.

  4. Cops that shoot at anything that moves need to get of the streets.
    Obviously they’r not cut for this kind of job.
    This is a murder.
    Throw him in jail or chair, whatever comes first.

  5. This shows that NYPD will shoot first and ask no questions. Remember the guy they shot 47 times on the stoop of hit apartment block? Well, at least they shoot their own as well.

    Hopefully, they don’t train cops in our neck of the woods to be as corrupt and murderous as LA “Ramparts” cops or NYPD cops.

  6. How did the police know that the guy Edwards was chasing was breaking into his car?

  7. Actually in Michigan there is a case where I do believe it was deemed Justifiable.

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