Potato Politics: Ahmadinejad Goes From Gross to Grocer

225px-Mahmoud_AhmadinejadPotato_23Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made a name for himself as a Holocaust-denying, gay-bashing, Israel-hating, religious nut. None of that appears to have made him particularly unpopular in Iran. However, he is now accused of buying votes with potatoes.

Ahmadinejad’s people are handing out 400,000 tons of free spuds in rural towns while, in a quintessentially Iranian moment, his opponents are chanting “Death to potatoes.” A potato in every pot appears to be working. However, the mortal threat against starchy vegetables is a culinary crime of the highest order. Mr. Potato Head is reportedly being held in an undisclosed location for his own safety in fear of a food fatwa.

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6 thoughts on “Potato Politics: Ahmadinejad Goes From Gross to Grocer”

  1. Jill:

    it’s KR’s plan for planetary domination, his state of birth is Idaho and his idea for “tater” politics is gaining ground. Follow the taters if you want the truth.

    The truth is underground.

    Karl is truly an evil genius.

  2. The glycemic index of taters is rather high. Perhaps “death from taters” would have been a more appropriate chant.

    On another note– our govt. is involved in “shaping” the next Iranian election. Maybe this was karl rove’s idea?

  3. Aye, Bron98. How long does it take a Potato to make grog?

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