Yonkers Police Officer Acquitted in Body Slam Incident Caught on Video

defaultYonkers police officer Wayne Simoes, 39, has been acquitted by a jury, which reviewed this videotape of Simoes body slamming Irma Marquez, 44, face first into the floor — breaking her jaw and knocking her unconscious at a restaurant.

His attorney Andrew Quinn can be credited in the use of still photos to make his case that this was an accident and that the body slam was not intended to cause such injuries.

Officer Simoes insists that he was only trying to keep Ms. Marquez from interfering with medical technicians who were treating her niece after a bar fight and that she was drunk at the time.

Marquez is still suing the city’s Police Department for $11 million.

That is still better than the 10 years in prison that he was facing. The Justice Department is investigating the case and his superiors criticized him for the use of “excessive force.”

The case has some similarities to the recent Seattle case, here.

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4 thoughts on “Yonkers Police Officer Acquitted in Body Slam Incident Caught on Video”

  1. This is just one more case of excessive force abuse by law enforcement. Of course, the LEO who injured the woman called the situation he caused “garbage.” Congratulatory slaps on the backs of his fellow officers in the gallery and applause for the officer after his leaving the courtroom demonstrate the pervasiveness of a lack of understanding of the basic right of citizens’ protections from excessive use of force by LEOs.

    Four excerpts from the embedded link:

    {Quote: The officers then assembled outside the courtroom and applauded Officer Simoes, the jurors and the defense lawyer, Andrew Quinn, as they walked out.

    Officer Simoes said that he felt bad for Ms. Marquez. He thanked his lawyers, his wife, his colleagues and everyone who “saw through all the garbage.”

    Officer Simoes was acquitted of violating Ms. Marquez’s constitutional protection from excessive police force. Had he been convicted, he could have faced up to 10 years in prison.

    The Justice Department has been investigating charges of brutality against the Yonkers force since long before the body-slam incident. End Quote}

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  3. Did you confuse Yonker with Chicago? Oh no NY City has it own problems. So is the Officer going to get a generous severance package? What do they call that The Blue Balloon?

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