25 thoughts on “Nip and Tuck: Canine Cosmetic Challenges”

  1. The trolls are getting restless. Good job Buddhan and Mespo.
    CharlesC, are we related? Your mother’s advice a lot like sage advice that I received from my sainted mother.

  2. Akiva:

    “Wow, what a bunch of losers here.”


    Present company included, I guess.

  3. Akiva,

    Define loser in your mind? A gaffed definition I might add. Is this really Rush? Are you a ditto head? You know we play with Mr. Potato. Now if you like you can play with the Republic kind and you spell it with an “e” P-O-T-A-T-O-E, see Potatoe and you too can take Zanex, can you say prescription fraud. Can you say ELVIS, that it spelled with the E in front. We don’t want people to mistake him for being European. Opps another word with E in front.

    FF LEO,

    Don’t even try and figure this out. Not to say that I was not messed up before law school. It is most certainly messed up after law school. Yes, I did go. Are you really a former federal employee?

    One thing that law school open me up to was a [the] sad realization that you cannot own property. You just have a better right to use real or personal property so long as you pay your taxes. Scary is it not?

  4. European Voters Punish The Left [American Voters May Rout the Left in 2010]

    BBC News ^ | June 07, 2009

    European voters punish the left

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