Patient Dies After Paramedic Diverts Ambulance From Hospital to Return to Office Because His Shift Was Over

180px-Rx_ambulanceA 69-year-old man died in Stockton, England after a paramedic drove his ambulance back to the lot rather than a hospital because his shift was over. The North East Ambulance Service Trust
has suspended both the paramedic and a technician.

The diversion made the trip 30 minutes rather than 10 minutes because the paramedic was off duty.

In the United States, the company would be looking at major liability for such an act. Under respondeat superior, it is liable for such decisions. While this might violate company policy, it is not a “frolic or detour” where the actions of the employee would not be attributed to the employer.

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8 thoughts on “Patient Dies After Paramedic Diverts Ambulance From Hospital to Return to Office Because His Shift Was Over”

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  2. I realize that England is not as litigious a society as ours, but I hope the family of the dead man can sue the holy crap out of someone with deep pockets for this.

  3. I’ll take non-sequiturs for $1000, Alex.


    This has nothing to do with nationalized health care, and everything to do with a wretched excuse for a human being who neglected his duty, ethics and morality for his own convenience. We have plenty of examples of doctors in the U.S. who violate their responsibilities.

  4. This must be a joke. No sane person working as health care provider would instantaneously drop everything because it is lunchtime, coffeebreaqk, or “I only work until five!”

    Should this however be true then I hope they will be prosecuted for manslaughter, or whatever may be available.

  5. Can we say “super-intervening” force that caused or contributed substantially to the likelihood of this persons death?

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