Fox News Reporter Chases Down Story in New York

150px-Foxnewslogo.svgFox News writer Don Broderick ran into a story in Central Park this week when Brian Dooda, a Brooklyn film archivist, says he ran over him and drove with him cringing to his hood after an altercation. When told that the driver was a reporter, Dooda joked that he must work for Fox News. He was right, though Broderick says that Dooba is a “vigilante.”

The fight began with Dooda reportedly blocking cars that were piled up behind him on East Drive in Central Park. Dooda says taht Broderirck was the last car and cut close in front of him. Dooda proceeded to catch up to the car and stand in its path. That is when the alleged assault occurred, though the reports are decidedly guilty.

This is not the first Fox employee to be accused of vehicular assault. Shepard Smith was accused of hitting a Florida reporter. Then there is Fox commentator Robert Novak and his bagging of a bicyclist.

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8 thoughts on “Fox News Reporter Chases Down Story in New York”

  1. Srsly, this psychopath needs to cool his heels in a cell for a few years, the actual account indicates that that Dooda was by Broderick not once but twice, deliberatly. What a $^%#$ ^%$## )^&%$ (Transpose as you like).

  2. Maybe it is just Fox that hires all of the psychopaths, but I don’t think so.

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