Soleless: Israelis Denounce Obama Shoe Pictures As Insult

225px-BenjaminNetanyahu225px-official_portrait_of_barack_obamaOk, I need a little help with this one. Some Israelis are irate over a photo of President Barack Obama speaking on the telephone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his feet on the desk. While the showing the bottom of your shoes is considered an insult by some Arabs, Israel’s insist that it is akin to the shoe throwing episode with President George Bush.

So, let’s catch up. Some Israelis are upset by the bottoms of Obama’s shoes that were never shown to Netanyahu based on something that would be considering insulting by other people in the Middle East.

Ok, I got it now.

By the way, this would also mean that Adlai Stevenson was dissing the whole nation in 1952. pulitzer

We need to make future president aware that, while speaking long distance on the telephone, they need to keep both feet planted on the floor and preferably wear a jacket and tie. Of course, if we simply inform the Israelis of some of things that Bill Clinton did while speaking on the telephone, they may revise their view of Obama. In comparison, this was remarkably respectful and focused.

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13 thoughts on “Soleless: Israelis Denounce Obama Shoe Pictures As Insult”

  1. Israeli critics of Obama have gone from being just being wrong and mean spirited to just being completely silly.

    The Israeli rightwing faction nutjobs seemed to have merged their political discourse their American rightwing nutjob counterparts. Both stupid. Both factually challenged. Both useless to peace and good governance. Both dangerous to freedom.

  2. Why don’t the Israelis just put a sign saying “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!!” It seems like nothing more than a desperate cry for attention. With all the real problems to worry about in the world, they need to get over themselves.

  3. Well Obama is from Chicago and is quite the “sole man.” Shame on those Israeli’s for objecting to our Blues music:

  4. Were I surrounded by armed enemies and dependent on a distant stream of fresh water and without significant natural resources, I would have considerably more to worry about than some perceived slight from the leader of my major ally.

  5. Ok, let’s put the left shoe in, take the left shoe out and shake it all about.

    Come on I would think that that is a sign of being comfortable.

    Well we do have our faction that wants the US to end Israel involvement.

  6. ‘Everone’ knows you juss caint bare (bear) your soles (souls) or something like that over yonder…

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