Sunbathing Woman Run Over By Police Car

19366679_122X150 The Jacksonville Beach Police Department needs to secure a good defense lawyer. On May 1, Officer Lewis Keller decided to make a u-turn on the beach in his SUV. He proceeded to run over Anne Marie Giffen, 41, who was sunbathing.

Keller and another man lifted the SUV off Giffin so that others could pull her to safety. She survived but had head and spinal injuries as well as a broken pelvis and ribs.

The mayor has called for a review of policies related to the accident. Since I doubt there is a policy of running over sunbathers for better traction, due care would seem to be a sufficient policy.

The officer has been suspended.

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15 thoughts on “Sunbathing Woman Run Over By Police Car”

  1. AIDS-drooling liberals think conservative pols have “crazy-looking eyes.” Why am I not surprised.

  2. What is wrong with these cops? Don’t they understand cop standard operating procedure?

    They should have jumped out of their SUV, tasered the woman at least 5 times, bundled her into the back of the vehicle further injuring her spine, rendered her to the lock up and charged her with a felony attack on a police vehicle, resisting arrest (by hiding beneath a vehicle) etc …….

  3. I used to visit Jacksonville’s main beach frequently when my husband was stationed there. The roads leading to the beach often dead end at the beach with no barrier to prevent cars from going on (this is so the red cross, which does rescue training there, can get their vehicles from the red cross building to the water quickly). But, it’s just assumed that no one is supposed to drive on the sand (except red cross with their horns blaring), because there are always people lying there.

  4. raff –

    I’m fine with that. I would love to see a chase on the sand with both parties on foot. You know how weird it is to try to walk or run on sand. I’m all for it if only for the visual …

  5. Mojo, I agree that they can do the job more safely. I know this is a wild idea, but how about cops on foot? Sounds reasonable and safer.

  6. Mike S:

    I agree about Boehner and Bachman, they’ve got some crazy-looking eyes. There was an interview with Chris Matthews a couple of years ago when Boehner really went crazy-eye on him. But do you know who else has crazy eyes? Katie Couric. She’s nice enough and all, but she’s got them ‘crazy eyes’.

    As far as the story goes, I don’t really know how good an idea it is to have police cruisers rolling around the beaches. ATVs seem reasonable enough, they are those four-wheel recreational vehicles, much lighter than a car. But with people lying all over the place on the beach I think the county could come up with safer patrols than using a car or SUV …

  7. Probably Tased her first and then ran over her to cover up the taser marks.

  8. Reading on this blog about the myriad ways police can be brutal and overreactive, it’s almost a relief to read that this one was simply inattentive and negligent. And once again, the cop was “suspended.” I guess whether you beat a suspect, use a taser on an unarmed student, or run over a sunbather on a beach, it’s all OK if you’re a cop. Who, me? Cynical?

  9. mr.ed,
    That wasn’t nice, but have you looked at his eyes and then Michelle Bachman’s eyes, which look the same? I’m not sure they are human.

  10. Keller told investigators he didn’t see Giffin lying in the sand, but Chief Bruce Thomason concluded that Keller wasn’t driving safely.


    In what article are you reading that says that she was in the road or right of way for that matter?

  11. Wow, You don’t get better traction on a body unless the body has gotten really stiff, then it is life a bad bumpp.

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