Women’s Robes Recalled After Six Fire Deaths

StoryThe Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled a popular chenille robe made by Blair LLC (in Pakistan) after six deaths of women after the robes caught fire. Five of the women were cooking at the time when the Blair Full Length Chenille Robes allegedly caught on fire.

The robes, made in Pakistan, are one-piece garments with the following item numbers: 3093111, 3093112, 3093113, 3093114, 3093115, and 3093116. They were sold in Blair catalogs and on the company Web site, as well as Blair stores. The story has issued the recall notice.

We have seen many torts cases where companies were successfully sued for such a risk of fire, particularly with children’s pajamas. A product can be deemed defective if it is highly or unusually flammable.

The Limited Inc. agreed to pay $500,000 in fines for selling flammable pajamas in 2001. The government regulates such fabrics under the the Federal Flammable Fabrics Act. Violation of those flammable regulations would create a possible negligent per se claim in these wrongful death cases.

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5 thoughts on “Women’s Robes Recalled After Six Fire Deaths”

  1. Throughout my life I have constantly encouraged women to ‘disrobe’.

    For their own good, I assure you.

    Exculpated once again …

  2. I would have thought the women would have had better sense than to cook in a robe with long, full sleeves. Sometimes it’s just not possible to protect people against their own bad judgment.

  3. All fabric is flammable. even that retardant they put on it to make it less flammable washes out and just makes the fabric, well, icky to wear.
    just looking at the sleeves on this robe leads me to believe that their design is more at fault than the notion that the robes themselves out to have not caught fire.
    maybe robes and pj’s should just be made of asbestos fibers.

    this is something I just don’t get. pajamas have more warning labels than guns or bullets. i have a ladder in my garage with about 10 warning labels.
    are there really people who think that their lack of common sense should be rewarded?

  4. I guess her cooking was not as hot as she was. I don’t like this, it could really cause some damage.

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