12 thoughts on “The Scourge of Equine Gingivitis”

  1. Thanks, I just finished supper and am having my ‘beer a day’ ration. It will go well with the Beatles. Enjoy the last bit of weekend and I hope to see you onthe blawg next (this) week.

  2. pardon me?, few of us would have made the cut in Houyhnhnmland, come sit on the Yahoo bench (just down the corridor from the Group W bench) with the rest of us and show us your cool bite mark 🙂

  3. three onces:

    once i offered an apple to a palomino named star and he bit me in the stomach. i thought the bite mark was pretty cool, but it did hurt terribly.

    once we had a quarterhorse/mustang gelding named Cinnamon who was the best cowpony ever.

    and once i dreamed i was in Houyhnhnmland and not a yahoo. life was good.

    have a happy week ahead, everyone.

  4. I knew a Houston Police Officers whose horse threw him and the guy got up and bite the Horse. I think he had mental issues before he joined the PD.

  5. rafflaw, I hope you had a nice ride and made some money for your charity. Sorry about your nephews leg. The only horse I ever knew was a plow horse my granddad had and it always impressed me as being BIG. I was never too keen then (or now) on getting too near the mouth end of something BIG that also had a big mouth with big teeth (Except cows.) but she was a beautiful white horse with grey spangles on her mid section and rear so I loved to look at her. I loved her from afar though.

  6. Lotta,
    That clip from Little Shop of Horrors with Steve Martin is priceless. The horse dentistry is almost scary. I just rode in a Bike Ride for MS yesterday and today with my nephew who is a veterinarian and he showed us where a horse bit him on the leg and caused a gash. Those horse teeth can do damage.

  7. Oh my!!! And if that doesn’t get you and your kids to floss, brush, and gargle, there’s always the threat of black, hairy tongue. For a good gross-out, do a Google image search of black, hairy tongue, and you get a whole page of really icky pictures.

  8. And I’ll eat my vegetables too! Is this the updated version of the sex-ed films from the 50’s and 60’s for today’s more jaded young people?

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