“April’s Mom” Admits That Terminally Ill Baby and Anti-Abortion Sensation was a Hoax

lilaprroseFor months, a blogger known as “April’s Mom” has been the heroine of religious and pro-life sites, recounting how she chose to give birth to a terminally ill baby and allowed the child to die naturally hours after giving birth. April’s Mom turns out to be Beccah Beushausen, 26, a social worker from outside Chicago and the entire story was a lie.

Beushausen was receiving 100,000 hits a week on her blog at the height of the hoax and says that she could not get herself to tell the truth. She would write such entries as:

I remember the very first time I dreamt that I lost her; it was months ago, and it was the worst dream of my life.
I remember how I woke up in a cold sweat, and how before that night I had never felt anything close to that. It left me shaken.
The dream became a recurrent one, and the shaken feeling, did not lessen as the nightmare repeated itself.
Months ago, my days were spent in total fear. If I didn’t feel April move, I freaked out, always prematurely. I was scared… I was anxious… I thought every kick could be her last. And then when her heart rate started to drop, I lost it.
I of course, was not prepared to meet her, but my mindset was there, in ways. I believed the time was close. I thought a lot about her passing inutero. I dreamt about it. I guess you could as far as saying that I expected it.
And then, what I did not expect to happen, did.
Days, weeks, months later, April is sitting pretty in my little belly. Safe… Growing… Alive.

The truth came after a million hits when she posted a picture of the baby April Rose. It was immediately recognized by a doll collector as a life-like doll “Reborn doll” that she had at home. Various sites like “AprilRoseisafake.com” sprang up.

Beushausen does not appear to have solicited money, which would raise serious criminal questions. However, she does appear to have received unsolicited gifts. It is not clear if there will be a criminal investigation.

For the full story, click hereand here.

12 thoughts on ““April’s Mom” Admits That Terminally Ill Baby and Anti-Abortion Sensation was a Hoax”

  1. E,

    Makes my heart go blip, blip straight line _____________**_______________********_______________________________________________

  2. No, I thought he was acting like a jackass as well but he asked her a question and she would not answer it.

    That is also not how he always acts. While he does have outbursts here and there I think he is usually pretty civil with his guests.

  3. NetiOne
    1, June 14, 2009 at 4:16 pm
    She’s a nut…..

    SHE’S a nut???? He helped cause Dr. Tiller’s death with his constant hate-speech and you think SHE’S a nut!

    1, June 14, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    Its better than Olberman who never has anyone on his show unless they agree with him.

    Is O’Reilly’s rude and unintelligent shout down your idea of how one is supposed to treat guests? Poor conservatives. Such low standards even O’Reilly easily meets them.

  4. Chris, I don’t see a difference between someone that has only guests that agree with them on their show and someone that has guests with opposing views but won’t let them speak. Except of course the hypocrisy factor. Looking like you welcome a dialog with guests that have opposing views when of course you don’t, and seldom let them finish a sentence. That or O’Rielly never has any home training.

  5. Its better than Olberman who never has anyone on his show unless they agree with him. While O’Reily is a bit overbearing at times, he always has an opposing opinion on his show.

  6. I don’t watch O’Rielly because he is a boor. This clip is nothing out of the ordinary from anything I saw when I did watch him a few times a few years ago. If he had an ‘opponent’ on he wouldn’t let them speak. People just shouldn’t go on his show if they have a differing view because they won’t get their message across anyway. He needs to be starved for targets and left to become some ranting slug, alone in his studio.

  7. She’s a nut, a very dangerous nut!

    Think of how much sympathy and compassion was generated for her and the doll by her lies and how much hate and dissent for the pro-choice party.

  8. From the mind set that brought us Bullets from Jesus and Dick Cheney, comes Managing _Everyone’s_Choice, Christian style.

    Ya’ll feel that ring through yer snouts? Well, shepherds Roberts, Scalia, Alito, and Thomas certainly hope so. Their people-management style depends not on the Constitution but elaborate schemes of faith-dependence, dominance and unquestioning subservience to man’s faith. After all, what good is a right wing without a right wing god?

    I’ll bet the entire Baby Beushausen Scam either gets put away in the Deep Denial File or morphs into a new form of religious self-flagellation popular with fundis around the globe.

    Either way, the nuts will find a way to get the whole matter blessed by god.


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