The Art of Financial Manipulation: Artist Mark Wagner Shows How To Add Value to the Plunging Dollar

180px-United_States_one_dollar_bill,_obverse180px-United_States_one_dollar_bill,_reverseGiven my call for Senators like Dick Durbin to use blind trusts, I thought that the link below might be helpful as a distraction for Senators who still want to play with their money.

Mark Wagner takes dollars, cuts them up, and makes them into collages that are incredible. He notes

“The one dollar bill is the most ubiquitous piece of paper in America. Collage asks the question: what might be done to make it something else? It is a ripe material: intaglio printed on sturdy linen stock, covered in decorative filigree, and steeped in symbolism and concept. Blade and glue transform it-reproducing the effects of tapestries, paints, engravings, mosaics, and computers-striving for something bizarre, beautiful, or unbelievable… the foreign in the familiar.”

Of course, it is still illegal to deface U.S. currency.

18 U.S.C. 333 reads:

Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or
unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill,
draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking
association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal Reserve System,
with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence
of debt unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or
imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Of course, with the dollar plunging in value, Wagner is actually taking something deemed increasingly worthless and making it into something of value — a feat that has escaped both the Bush and Obama Administrations.

For the artist’s website, click here.

For the dollar art, click here.

18 thoughts on “The Art of Financial Manipulation: Artist Mark Wagner Shows How To Add Value to the Plunging Dollar”

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  10. WOW! Thanks for the article Professor, his skill is astonishing. His website:

    has about 100 pictures of his currency art and more pictures of his other work. The scale of the pictures on our screens vs. in reality is deceptive though, ‘FORTUNE’S DAUGHTER’ the only female nude, is life size! A couple of images of the currency art in the queue in their portfolios gives some indication of size though. Following the link and Googling the website was a real treat. Thanks!

  11. actually government employees and our politicians are capable of that level of creativity but in the oposite direction – they are creative destroyers.

  12. Oxymoron.

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  13. Buddha,

    Creative Government. Oxymoron, Misnomer, the words should never appear in the same sentence or total misuse of the two words? Your reply is requested.

  14. The fine Art of Origami:

    more links to making money:

    Don’t you think that the Federal Reserve Bank was wrongfully created. So read the Federalist Papers: One of three authors of The Federalist. This work remains a classic commentary on American constitutional law and the principals of government. Its inception and approximately three-quarters of the work are attributable to Hamilton (the rest belonging to John Jay and James Madison) also known as Publicus. Hamilton also won the New York ratification convention vote for the Constitution against great odds in July 17-July 26, 1788.

    During Washington’s presidency, Hamilton became the first secretary of the Treasury. Holding this office from September 11, 1789 to January 31, 1795, he proved himself a brilliant administrator in organizing the Treasury. In 1790 Hamilton submitted to Congress a report on the public credit that provided for the funding of national and foreign debts of the United States, as well as for federal assumption of the states’ revolutionary debts. After some controversy, the proposals were adopted, as were his subsequent reports calling for the establishment of a national bank.

    He also worked with Adams and created quite a stir undermining Col Burr and eventually was shot dead.

    His death hastened by none other than Col. Aaron Burr. Up and until that time Dueling was considered a proper way to settle a dispute. Now, we have many ways to settle disputes. Taser, Police, Police with Tasers, Citizens with Tasers, Citizens with Guns, Non Citizens with Guns etc. Judge with contempt powers, Judges with Guns. SO far I have yet to read of a Judge with a Tazer. I am sure it is only a matter of time.

  15. Wow, those are really neat. The only problem is that no one in government is capable of this level of creativity.

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