Jailhouse Judge: Judge Samuel Kent Begins To Serve Jail Sentence Without Resigning From the Bench

Judge Kent-thumb-100x140The federal prison system has plenty of jailhouse lawyers. Now it has its first jailhouse judge (not to mention of jury of his peers). U.S. District Judge Samuel B. Kent began to serve his jail sentence today while still a member of the federal judiciary. He continues to refuse to resign. For those who were initially supportive of Kent, few people defend him now after his outrageous effort to bilk the judiciary for every possible dime of salary and benefits while dragging both the courts and Congress through the scandal that he created.

Four months ago, Kent, 59, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and received a 33-month sentence. As noted earlier, he is clearly delaying his resignation to continue to receive benefits — calculating that it will take a year to hold a trial in the Senate for his impeachment. Kent was able to secure a favorable prison facility: Devens Federal Medical Center, a 1,300-bed facility near Boston. The facility houses felons with long-term medical and mental health problems.

Kent is accused of molesting of two former female employees, case manager Cathy McBroom, 50, and legal secretary Donna Wilkerson, 45.

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2 thoughts on “Jailhouse Judge: Judge Samuel Kent Begins To Serve Jail Sentence Without Resigning From the Bench”

  1. Oh, he is not the first Judge to go to jail. He is the first Published Judge to go to jail. I presume this is a mere inconvenience for him. What is the status of his law licenses?

  2. Resigning shouldn’t be an option.

    When a judge is convicted of a felony, dismissal and disbarment should be almost automatic.

    As bad as illegally operating LEO’s damage the system, letting people see a JUDGE get away with this kind of crap really encourages people to pay their taxes.

    In barter.

    I say we see how “Judge” Kent likes getting paid his “benefits” in chickens and returnable bottles.

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