Obama Adopts Cheney Policy and Opposes Release of White House Logs

225px-official_portrait_of_barack_obama225px-richard_cheney_2005_official_portraitPresident Obama has already adopted or expanded many of the most controversial Bush policies on executive privilege, detainee treatment, termination of privacy lawsuit, and other matters. Now, he has adopted the identical position of Vice President Dick Cheney in seeking to withhold visitor logs to the White House.

While the Bush/Cheney fight to withhold the logs was denounced by liberals, there is relative quiet again over Obama’s position on the very same issue.

The Secret Service has denied msnbc.com’s request for the names of all White House visitors from Jan. 20 to the present as well as a request by the nonpartisan watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

There is again a sharp difference between President Obama’s rhetoric of transparency and civil liberties in government and his actual policies, here and here and here and here and here .

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  1. Troll, Obama is eligible because he is a natural born citizen of the United States who is over the age of 35 and who resided within the United States for more than 14 years.

    Byrne has posted a lot of incorrect stuff, like the travel to Pakistan story, so his credibility is a little discounted around here.

  2. It must be the liberal mind control ray broadcast over the internet. Buy more foil.

  3. FFLeo:

    I agree that Obama should have released his grades et al before the election. Hell, I think we need an IQ test for candidates, with results published before the election. Has anyone batting a 100% in their hiring decisions? What makes anyone think we’re better collectively that individually?

  4. FFLEO,

    Contrary to the statement made by Mr. Treacy, it is possible to be elected (or hired, as Mr. Treacy puts it), but still be denied the office for having failed to meet the qualifications.

    “or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified”

    XXth Amendment

    As far as Senator McCain goes, the Senate’s non-binding Resolution holds little water.

  5. Vince Treacy,

    Thank you for your candor and the addtional archived information.

  6. Well, I might or might not give you some or all of that info, FFLEO, and you may or may not hire me. The choice is yours. The American people hired Obama. I took the LSAT, and I can assure you that the last thing I look for in a President is a high LSAT score. The one thing a lawyer does need is a law license, so you should ask for that or check the bar association.

    One thing the President must be is a natural born citizen, and I believe McCain was natural born, but he did not release his birth certificate, and Obama did. The McCain birth certificate seen on the web showing his birth in Colon rather than the American Canal Zone WAS a forgery. http://www.obamaconspiracy.org/2009/02/the-birth-certificate-is-a-forgery/

    We have already discussed a lot of this stuff last year on this site: http://jonathanturley.org/2008/12/04/eligibility-questions-can-clinton-serve-obama-and-can-obama-serve-the-country/

  7. Vince Treacy, Mike Appleton, Mespo72 et al.

    Hypothetically, if I wanted to hire you to represent me as my attorney in a legal matter, would I be within reasonable bounds to ask to see your complete curriculum vitae, including your LSATs, and then would you provide those documents/scores to me as a condition of my employing you?

    Such a request is not much different from the U.S publics’ request to view the full CV of the U.S. President who—although I have a high regard for good, ethical attorneys—has a much more critical role in a secure Nation that any other public servant or private citizen. I realize that this should have been done before the election; however, Mr. Obama refused to comply then, although other candidates have often submitted their credentials, with varying degrees.


  8. “Here is the answer: Polarik is not at Ph.D, not a Doctor, and not even a real person. He is a pseudonym, an alias, a fictional character. He signed a court affidavit with twelve X’s. Twelve! XXXXXXXXXXXX. So help me! You can’t make this stuff up (YCMTSU):

    Ha! Thanks VT.

  9. FFLEO asked BVM: “Since credentials matter, can you confirm that Mr. Polarik is a Ph.D. and in what academic specialty? You tout the “doctors and lawyers” who support you points, but their curricula vitae are somewhat difficult to confirm.”

    BVM did not dignify the question with a reply.

    Here is the answer: Polarik is not at Ph.D, not a Doctor, and not even a real person. He is a pseudonym, an alias, a fictional character. He signed a court affidavit with twelve X’s. Twelve! XXXXXXXXXXXX. So help me! You can’t make this stuff up (YCMTSU):


    QUOTE I read that it had been proven that Obama’s so-called birth certificate was a fake.
    A couple of bloggers who wouldn’t even give their real names (TechDude and Ron Polarik) claimed this was true, but they faked their analysis just like they faked their names and credentials. UNQUOTE

    See: http://www.obamaconspiracy.org/2008/12/polarik-is-back/

    I think Dr. X is Superman’s the mad scientist nemesis, Luthor. After all, Obama admitted at the Al Smith dinner last year that he was in fact an alien, born on the planet Krypton and sent to Earth by his father Jor-el to save mankind.

  10. FFLEO,
    I understand where you are coming from. However, I am too much a watcher of crime reality shows, real crime fiction and fictional police procedurals, to believe that the spouse or lover is always the guilty party. When I was a child protective Supervisor I learned that sometimes my instincts led me astray. In this instance I personally believe there is no there, there. I can understand that from you perspective, given your disappointment in the President, may see it differently. Time will tell which point of view is right.

  11. I wrote “Anyone interested in these issues can find hundreds of threads and comments at http://www.obamaconspiracy.org/ It is a good balance to World News Daily,” but I meant to write World Net Daily.

    WND actively solicits contributions. Dr. Conspiracy at the Obama Conspiracy refuses to accept contribution.

  12. lol

    Vince, sometime you just slay me. Fattening. Now why didn’t I try that when I was in practice? After all the difference between tort and torte is but a scant vowel.

  13. Mike Spindell,

    Thanks. We public servants know that, especially in politics, “red meat” is fair “game”, as well it should be because they serve us and we pay their salaries.

    An honorable man does not back down from providing evidence when there is a claim or allegation against him, especially when those alleged aspects engender more distrust from those of us who want him to succeed and want to trust him. Any unresolved issues perpetuated by his secrecy will continue to drag down on his efficiency and effectiveness to do his job as president.

    Based on my experience as an LEO and as a public servant who worked with corrupt and less than honest government employees, Mr. Obama is acting like an man who has something to hide or cover-up. By doing so, he appears afraid to make some tough decisions, perhaps because he knows he might be exposed as a fraud or more of a hypocrite than he has already displayed, at least to me and my credo. By avoiding those decisions, he is harming our Nation domestically and internationally (the torture issue).

  14. FFLEO:“The only ‘nationality status’ question remaining is if Mr. Obama listed himself as a foreign exchange student during some of his collegiate years, which is perhaps a potential reason why he will not release his college records.”

    That is not the reason, because the foreign exchange student story was an April Fool’s hoax floated on the web on, coincidentally, April 1, 2009:


    [Snopes does not allow cut and paste, so folks will have to go the link. I posted this earlier].

  15. Byrne and others are like the guy who shouted, waiter, I ordered escargot and you brought me snails. They ordered a certificate, but the waiter brought a certification.

    I will type very slowly now so that they can understand. Certificate and certification are synonyms. In small words, they are two terms that mean the same thing. The have a common Latin root: Certificare. A certification is a certificate that has been certified.

    Hawaii no longer issues long-form or short-form birth certificates, vault copies, or certificates of live birth. The State has its original records on file. The officials have said that they have personally examined them. Under its state laws, it issues a Certification of Live Birth (COLB), which is by law just a valid as the original records and must reflect those records accurately. The form itself is prima facie evidence in any court proceeding. It prohibits alterations of “this certificate.”

    If a lawyer in a tort or estate case needs to prove that his client was born in Hawaii, she makes a sound like a lawyer and says, Your Honor, I offer in evidence my client’s COLB. The birthers make different sounds, like Objection, it is a forgery, it is not the vault or long form copy, it is not the original record in the states files, it is irrelevant, immaterial, and fattening. The Judge makes a sound like a judge, and says Objection overruled.

  16. Vince Treacy replied:

    “Disclosure of the rest of the information listed is not required by the Constitution. Failure to disclose, however, could have been a reason to refuse to vote for him in 2008 and to refuse again if he runs in 2102, but it does not bar him from the Presidency.”

    Thank you. Your well reasoned—and somewhat diplomatic—reply is exactly what I expected from you.

    The only ‘nationality status’ question remaining is if Mr. Obama listed himself as a foreign exchange student during some of his collegiate years, which is perhaps a potential reason why he will not release his college records.

    You have largely debunked the COLB issue—for most of the initially incredulous among us with open minds—and I appreciated your patience whereby you had to restate numerous points repeatedly.

    To me, the value of this thread is to serve as an archive of these issues based on the extra effort you and others have contributed. Thanks again.

  17. “Regardless, some of Jim’s comments are not lessened or invalidated simply because he is a Scot”

    I was being ironic in showing how the “birther” movement has
    proceeded and the “evidence” they use. I think that Vince on this thread and others had demolished their arguments. While I do understand that perhaps in your opinion President Obama has not been fully forthcoming on all records, I would offer a much less sinister reason. The fact is the Republican noise machine, since Bill Clinton’s election has worked at trying to de-legitimize every Democrat they view as a political threat. This has been done systematically by a technique named by Joseph Goebbels as “The big Lie.” The idea being that if you repeat something long enough after a while it gains hold as a legitimate point. As Vince has indicated time and again the “birther” movement is not interested when their assertions are disproven, they merely move on to others. I believe that President Obama understood this, even as a candidate and moved to limit the “red meat”
    available for this group. For information on this ongoing plot why not google Richard Mellon Scaife?

  18. Bdaman: It is my written prediction that all of the cases you described will be dismissed by the courts.

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