Shoppers Continue to Shop After Convenience Story Clerk is Shot and Killed

WBBM0616garyvideoA view from Gary, Indiana added to a library of utter human indifference. First, a men in a red shirt shoots and kills the clerk, Gurjeet Singh, over a handful of cash. Then, customers are seen continuing to shop despite the dead body a few feet away.

Singh was shot in the neck. Witnesses did nothing. Only one person called 911. Police say that people continued to walk around the shop.

We have seen the same indifference in other store crimes, here and here.

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7 thoughts on “Shoppers Continue to Shop After Convenience Story Clerk is Shot and Killed”

  1. Unemployment and poverty does not ennoble people. It makes them despairing and leaves them little hope. This breeds a callousness towards human life since they perceive their own life is worth so little. Gary, has been a severely depressed area for many years now. The sign over the town as one enters should read: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” This link describes Gary as it purportedly used to be.

    This is a sad, but not infrequently repeated mute commentary on what has become of the American Dream in the last 50 years.The “Free Market” types, think themselves secure in their gated communities, large SUV’s and extravagant lifestyles. We all can never be safe as a society, unless the least of us economically are. It is a pity that in their own lack of awareness of the world beyond their privilege, many are just as callous to human misery and death as are this store’s shoppers.

  2. Depraved indifference comes to mind on all 3 articles. For all the problems we have with our Governor, I do not think this would happen up here.

  3. I know what you mean about Gary.It is a dangerous place.I have driven through a few times, and I don’t stop there.

  4. WC,

    If you have ever been through Gary, IN. You will fully understand what I am saying. I am surprised that anything was left in the store, assuming anything was left.

    Was the body in the same position as it was when it fell? It appears that a lot of Midwestern people don’t like the nationality of the “convience” stores. Heck in Wyadotte, MI one sign in the window said Only AMERICAN OWN PARTY STORE FOR MILES.

  5. AY:

    “Gas Purchases were made at the time that the clerk became inconvenienced.”

    Bit of an understatement dont you think?

  6. Humm, me thinks the avid consumers did not pay for the goods that they were shopping for? I wonder if any Lottery Tickets, Cigarettes or Gas Purchases were made at the time that the clerk became inconvenienced.

    Thank goodness this was not Black Friday. I bet they would have just walked out without paying for the goods. Yes, assuming they paid for them today.

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