Death by Twitter: Teenage Girl Electrocuted To Death While Twittering

200px-Twitter_logo.svgMaria Barbu, 17, has died in Brasov, Romania after she tried to Twitter while soaking in a tub.

She was found in the tub by her parents. The battery appears to have run out and she plugged in the computer to continue to tweet.

Mythbusters confirmed how death could be caused by radios in a bathtub.

Twitter has been at the heart of cases involving death threats, but this is the first that I have seen as an indirect cause of death.

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  1. GWLawSchoolMom,

    Grrrrrrrrrrrr..leave it to women for recipe advice.

    Okay, I have never tweeted or whatever the proper term is and I am not even sure what tweeter is–and I do not want to know, thank you kindly–although I do see how useful it is in Iran.

    Moral of the story: Romanian tubs are ‘No Tweeter zones’ and it is a shame about this death anyhow.

  2. The next time one of my kinds says that they are dying to twit I will have to in all honesty and sincerity tell them that it has already been done. So they still have to wait.

  3. leo — strawberries don’t make very good cream puffs. I wish they did, but they just dont translate well. they, in fact, are not as adaptable compared to other berries like blackberries, as one might expect or desire. they are best when in season, rinsed lightly, and ought never to see the inside of a refrigerator. they don’t make great pies. even strawberry jam is not as good as it ought to be. they can be baked into scones however and made into compound butter which when spread on a scone with devon cream is pretty close to perfection. you can grow ’em fairly easily and don’t need a back yard — just a strawberry pot and some good soil and a few starter berry plants. put it in sun, water to keep soil moist, pick and eat,

  4. Okay, smart elick! 6 eggs!

    But Jim Byrne, your were supposed to do those push-ups with 1 arm while *twittering* with the free hand…

  5. “Serves 2-3 depending on appetite.”

    Or just one blogger. Push-ups make me hungry.

    I think I’ll add 1/2 pound of extra-hot pork boudin blanc.

  6. FFLEO:

    “One thread can start out about a gruesome rape/murder/suicide/double homicide and end up with a long copy/paste recipe for strawberry cream puffs, succotash, or some such…however, we most often return to the relevant topic to help ‘resolve’ a thread”

    since you brought it up, I had the best eggs this morning, the recipe is as follows:

    6 eggs large
    1/2 red onion chopped
    a bunch of Swiss Chard trimmed of stem and chopped
    3-6 garlic cloves depending on taste
    2-3 slices of cheese (Swiss is good)

    saute onions until translucent and add Swiss Chard until wilted. Stir in eggs and add garlic and cheese. You can make into omelette or you can just scramble.

    Serves 2-3 depending on appetite.

  7. FFLEO:

    I did not know Jim’s fitness level so I wanted to go easy on him the first time.

  8. Back on topic: :>)

    Do they not require GFCI outlets in Romania?

    –Thought! -Could you imagine reading this same article 10 years ago? -What would “twittering” have meant 10 years ago? –Now that would have been funny.

  9. Blog Nazi,

    Only 20 push-ups! And you call yourself a Nazi? How about Panzer?

  10. Jim,

    Thanks. When you post on an old thread it becomes ‘new again’ and ends on on the ‘top of the pile’ in the column to the right of the screen called “Recent Comments”.

    When others come to this blawg months later, they can view the complete relevant topics under specific headings. I, for one, would never think months from now to look under a “Death from Twitter” thread to find that Sotomayor resigned from a gals club. But, I am a old man and you know about aged memories…

    Many of our regular post “Off Topic” links and we all get off track with comments–which to me is okay and often informative–but then we usually get back on topic at some point.

    One thread can start out about a gruesome rape/murder/suicide/double homicide and end up with a long copy/paste recipe for strawberry cream puffs, succotash, or some such…however, we most often return to the relevant topic to help ‘resolve’ a thread.

  11. Jim Byrne:

    On the floor blogger and give me 20 good ones. Keep the back straight and the arms should be at full extension on ascension.


  12. FFLEO,

    I did not intend to hijack the thread, (hence, the reason for just a link without comment) and would have sent the link directly to Prof. Turley if I had his email address.

    I didn’t know if anyone would notice it if left in an old post, and surely had no way of knowing that everyone was already aware.

    I apologize, and will post only under the relevant article in the future.

  13. Jim Byrne,

    Sotomayor and death by twitter are not relevant.

    I think that it benefits this blawg when you make a very little effort to find the original topic thread and post the Sotomayor resignation there to ‘flesh out’ and complete the thread instead of posting on this non-relevant thread what most of us read yesterday. We do read the news online.

    Here is the relevant thread:

    Sotomayor Belongs to All-Female Club

  14. The tween’s name was Flavia Boricean, not Maria Barbu.

    She was tweeting/twittering via her laptop computer when the battery ran low, so she decided to plug it in. The electrocution occured when she plugged the power adapter into the electrical outlet with her wet hand.

    Romania’s single phase power is 230V,50~. Even though the 50~ frequency is not as good at stoping the human heart as the 60~ frequency we use in the U.S., the 230V potential was more than enough to take advantage of the girl’s wet hand.

  15. rofl

    Oh I’m going to hell for this for certain . . . even though I’m only the messenger.

    My lady friend just asked “Does this put the ‘twit’ back in ‘Twitter’? Not that it ever left.”

    I am SO sorry. I really can’t help it. I have a weakness for funny. I am a truly awful. But at least I may have found a woman who understands me.

  16. This is sad, but do you think she signed out before she twitted herself. May she rest in peace.

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