Judge Kent Impeached in Expedited Process

Judge Kent-thumb-100x140The now imprisoned U.S. District Court Samuel B. Kent has been openly bilking the government for salary and benefits by refusing to resign. His lawyer even acknowledged that his promise to resign in a year was due to his calculation that the Congress could not move any faster toward a Senate trial. It was a curious legal strategy since it virtually dared the Congress to expedite the matter, which it did. Kent has now been impeached in a fast track proceeding.

Kent is serving time for sexual assaults on two women and has added to his shame by forcing Congress to go through with an impeachment so that he could grab a little more money from the public fisc. What few supporters he had have largely disappeared as he dragged the judiciary through this process.

THe House approved four articles of impeachment and Kent, 59, is now heading to an expedited trial.

He is the fourteenth judge to be impeached. Of the prior 13, two resigned before trial — which Kent’s lawyer indicated was his plan. Seven were convicted and removed while four were acquitted.

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3 thoughts on “Judge Kent Impeached in Expedited Process”

  1. WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge from Texas who was impeached by the House has resigned ahead of his Senate trial.

    U.S. District Judge Sam Kent turned over a letter of his resignation to a Senate official who was serving a subpoena on the judge at the Massachusetts prison where he is serving a 33-month prison sentence.

    June 25, 2009 7 PM

  2. Never underestimate the ability of a sleazy human being to make his way in the world. Hubris=Karma, thankfully in many instances.

  3. Now if we can only get the Senate to act as swiftly. He sits in the slammer sorta a Federal Prison and collects his pension, until then. My question is even if he is impeached by the House can he now resign and collect his pension? What if he is Convicted by the Senate can he still collect his Pension?

    What government benefits is he entitled to? Could Obama Pardon him? What if, what if?

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