Jurors Under Investigation for Attempted Bribery

250px-Hinged_Handcuffs_Rear_Back_To_BackDorothy Hendricks, 54, of St. Croix has been charged with allegedly trying to sell her vote on a criminal jury. Another juror is also under investigation in the U.S. Virgin Islands for trying to sell their votes for between $3000 and $5000 to a defense attorney.

The jurors were sitting in a tax evasion case involving car dealer Jamie Auffenberg. He and his co-defendants were acquitted on 21 counts stemming from a tax shelter for U.S. businessmen. The government has stated that it will not seek to overturn the acquittal.

The defense attorney reported the offer to the judge the following morning. While the defense asked the judge to declared a mistrial, the judge refused and replaced Hendricks with an alternate juror. The ruling was controversial but the court questioned the other jurors. Ironically, the defense is fortunate that the court rejected its motion since the jury proceeded to acquit all of the defendants.

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7 thoughts on “Jurors Under Investigation for Attempted Bribery”

  1. lottakatz,

    Sorry. I missed the follow-up.

    I agree. There should be Laws against Living the Life of Luxury by means of Legal Loopholes.

    Was the over-use of L-words obvious? :>)

  2. Hi Jim, From the article it appears that he was found not guilty of illegally sheltering money, not of sheltering money. IMO corporate tax evasion using off-shore accounts and incorporation, albeit legal, is one of the big problems with the US tax system. I know his name so I won’t buy from him. I’d like to see a comprehensive list of all business’ that are incorporated off-shore so I could choose who to buy from. I’d also like to see the obvious tax breaks for these companies stopped as a matter of law.

  3. WoW, this is the (my) St.Louis/East St. Louis Auffenberg- I knew he was in trouble but I haven’t followed the case. Thanks for the update, I won’t be buying a used car from this guy 😉

  4. Hey now, is a threat against your family sufficient to acquit? Teflon John, oh yeah.

    Alphonso, why did he get convicted?

    ORD Field in Chicago is named after a Pilot during WWII. Do you know what the name of Alphonso’s Accountant was?
    Could it have been a Son and Father?

    Selling and Buying votes on a Jury has been quite a trend for years.

  5. Maybe the juror has been reading this blog and decided to get in on a little of the action historically reserved for lawyers and judges. LOL

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