Marriage of Convenience: New York Lawyer Suspended After Falsely Claiming to Be Judge’s Wife

weinstein_jeremyThe New York Supreme Court Appellate Division has suspended New York lawyer Cheryl Brodsky in a rather bizarre case where she falsely claimed to be the wife of Queens Supreme Court Administrative Judge Jeremy Weinstein and then refused to get a mental health evaluation.

Brodsky allegedly applied for a job as a court attorney and spoke with Paul Kenny, chief clerk of the Appellate Term. She mentioned that she was married to Weinstein and submitted a resumé in which she identified herself by the last name “Brodsky-Weinstein.”

The panel in Matter of Brodsky, 2006-09233, ruled that she was in “violation of an explicit directive … that she be examined by a qualified medical expert, irrespective of whether or not she agrees with the underlying premise.” Brodsky had challenged the authority to order such an evaluation.

For the decision and order, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage of Convenience: New York Lawyer Suspended After Falsely Claiming to Be Judge’s Wife”

  1. In response to the post written by “Anonymously Yours”: You must be kidding me? Of all the judicial misconduct matters amassed throughout recent time & you select this one as your example of judicial abuse of power!! THE LAWYER FALSELY CLAIMED, BOTH IN WRITTEN & VERBAL TESTIMONY, TO BE THE HAPPILY MARRIED WIFE OF AN ADMINISTRATIVE NYS SUPREME COURT JUDGE!!!!! FOLLOWING MULTIPLE OPPORTUNITIES TO RECANT SUCH AN EGREGIOUSLY REDICULOUS CLAIM, THE LAWYER FLAT OUT REFUSED – EACH AND EVERY TIME!!!! What recourse remained as an alternative to psychiatric testing?? Should the panel have simply shrugged their shoulders in the face of a lawyer WHO WAS COMPLETELY COO COO FOR COCO-PUFFS INSANE!!!!! Was this an abuse of Judicial power? Was this a reflection of Judicial arrogance or an imbalance of powers? OF COURSE NOT!!! THE ONLY IMBALANCE PRESENT WAS INSIDE THE HEAD OF THIS CRAZY LAWYER!


  2. Well, what can be said. Now, if it would only be that easy to have Judges follow the Rules of Law, Statute, Treaties and other lawful embodiments, such as code of ethics and cannons of Judicial Conduct. But when you makes the rules it is hard to get these people the help that they need.

    It may be some attorneys that bring disrespect to the Profession. It is the Judges decision(s) which generally cause the absolute disdain for the profession.

    Now, with this, issue before us, it appears the way the request is written anyone can be subject to a Professional Examination. I know judges that need professional help, but for the robe of office they would be sbject to the same rules as you and I.

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