Gay Exorcism: Video of Connecticut Ceremony Causes Outrage

A video of a “gay exorcism” has outraged the public as a teen is shown writhing on the ground as members of the Manifested Glory Ministries Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut drive out “homosexual demons.”

Church leaders can be heard screaming at the “homosexual demons” “Right now I command you to leave!”

The teen, who is shown rolling on the ground, vomits at one point on the tape. The Church itself reportedly posted the video on YouTube and then closed its account after an international backlash. They have also taken down their blog.

You cans still get the word from Prophetess Patricia Mckinney on their website. Here is her latest vision:

On May 14th 2009, in the early morning The Lord took me into another Vision this Vision was about strings I seen Men and Women and once again these Men and women where dressed in collars and suits so we know it was leadership and church folks

Now for each man he had a string attach to another man and then a string attach to another women and this is what I seen strings attached from one leader to another.

Then what I saw next is some of the Leaders clothes began to fall off and disappear and I knew at that time God was exposing them naked , but what I seen next was alarming some of the leaders that had strings attach to other leaders that clothes came off tried to get scissors and knives and cut the strings that was attach to them they were trying to disconnect from them because they didn’t want to be expose or connected with them because they knew Judgment was here against these leaders but they couldn’t disconnect because they were apart of it

But as soon as they cut the strings the strings grew back again stronger and tighter where they couldn’t be cut, no matter what they did the strings will not disconnect, they were soul ties that couldn’t be broken.

Then I jump into another vision where I seen some leaders that I knew from Ministry, I seen them standing in front of sinks washing their hands and body with soap and water like they were trying to wash away dirt but as they wash their hands and bodies they wouldn’t come clean the more they wash the more dirt they seen.

Then I heard the Lord say Recompense is there portion for all of the wickedness they have done.

Some leaders are trying to separate from other leaders but they can’t because they have souls ties together and when one is expose the other will be too. many other leaders are trying to wash themselves from all that sin and dirt they have done in the past, but it’s not working because they are only washing their flesh and have not washed their souls nor have they truly repented to God so EXPOSING TIME IS HERE.. YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prophet Patricia McKinney and her husband, church overseer Kelvin McKinney have a weekly radio show.3-9-09_004

Gay exorcisms are something of the rage for the religious extreme set. One such ceremony cause extensive damage to a cathedral in 2004, here.

For the video and the story, click here.

29 thoughts on “Gay Exorcism: Video of Connecticut Ceremony Causes Outrage”

  1. whats with the people in the scrubs with paper towels and blankets moving the chairs? i guess they re their for keeping up appearance

  2. “One of my personal axioms is – when someone starts talking about how religious they are grab your wallet and make sure cash and credit cards are still there.”

    Amen IS. You see there are some things we agree on.

  3. Mr. Spindell:

    “I’ve been married almost 30 years and I’ve never cheated on my wife or flirted with another woman.”

    Bravo sir, good for you. I actually think it may not have anything to do with religion but how honorable a person you are. Marriage is, if nothing else, a contract and you give your word to be be faithful. In my opinion if you cant honor that contract you will honor no others. I would not do business with a person that I knew to be cheating on their spouse. Unless of course it was mutual.

    One of my personal axioms is – when someone starts talking about how religious they are grab your wallet and make sure cash and credit cards are still there.


    Unlike the girls of the Bible Belt States where teen pregnancy and std’s run rampant, or daughters of Alaskan Governors, neither of my now grown daughters were sexually active at 14, or became pregnant out of wedlock. It’s known as intelligent parenting, rather than spouting nonsense about abstinence and girls making promises of chastity to their fathers, while providing them no knowledge of sexuality, that sets them up to either become pregnant for lack of birth control, or get std’s from sexual practices other than intercourse.

    We “nitwits” make good parents, you extremists set your daughters up for unhappy lives and a rate of divorce in your bible belt that leads the nation. I bet that up until two weeks ago you would have happily voted for either Sanford or Ensign for President. Where were their family values when temptation called? I’ve been married almost 30 years and I’ve never cheated on my wife or flirted with another woman.
    Unlike the good ole boys from your neck of the woods and your favorite politicians, who are supported by you “Family Values” people, profess to be good Christians and then commit adultery, theft and downright lying, when they think no one is looking. Perhaps you should look in the mirror and see who really is the “nitwit” and “morong (sic).”

  5. Queen of Sheba

    Sorry if you mistook my attempted humor at labeling Bachman a (D) as a serious comment. It was a take off of Fox News labeling SC governor Mark Sanford a (D). Guilty of being way to cryptic.

  6. Growing up in the 1950s rural Texas countryside until the 4th grade, I attended several holey roller churches my sister attended, on occasion. Those people scared the tarnashion out of me so I evolved up the church scale to become a Southern Baptist instead!

    I have been an atheist for 40 years and there would be more young atheists if they saw what I did in the 1950s, early 60s churches of my kinfolk.

    I am astounded that this religious nonsense seems to have experienced a recent revival and the prophet is Sista’ Sarah Palin…

  7. I’ve seen an exorcism first hand, and one of the few things I’m truly ashamed of is that I did nothing to stop it.

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