Mother’s Little Helper: Mother Accused of Changing Daughter’s Grades and SAT Score on School Computer System

carolinemcneal062509Huntingdon, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) — Carolyn Maria McNeal, 39, is a mother who values education and will not tolerate bad grades. The high-school secretary in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania is accused of using a co-worker’s password to change her daughter’s poor grades. Of course, her better performance would be meaningless without allegedly lowering the grades of at least two other students.

McNeal now faces 58 charges — 29 counts of unlawful use of a computer and 29 felony counts of tampering with public records. She is accused of changing 200 grades and test scores — including possible SAT scores. Her daughter’s SAT scores jumped 360 points.

Each count is punishable by up to seven years on prison and a $15,000 fine, though such sentencing normally stipulates concurrent rather than consecutive terms.

What really concerns me is the attitude of parents today. A student needs to take the initiative and responsibility to augment their own grades through criminal computer fraud, as here or at least block the entry of grades, as here.

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19 thoughts on “Mother’s Little Helper: Mother Accused of Changing Daughter’s Grades and SAT Score on School Computer System”

  1. 7 years? I agree that she should be punished. Murders rapists and scum get less for worse crimes!

  2. Media hell, the school of public opinion is what you think it is. So Smart One, how do you know that she is not guilty? What is your Opinion of OJ Smipson? How about Jon Ramsey? Bet you have one?

  3. your all idiots in my opinion. whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? and how do you know shes not doing good in college now? this is just proof that media can make someone guilty before the courts have the chance to decide.

    so in my opinion shame on all you

  4. Jill, Thanks, it’s always comforting to know you’re still in the con census time-space continuum reality thingy.

    FFLEO, you wicked man- good one 🙂

    I’ve been reading for years that people put their infants name on waiting lists for the right pre-school, so their kids are on track to get into the right grade school so they can get into the right high school etc. There’s something wrong with that whole mindset.

  5. I have gotten the banner on several occasions in the past. I agree that it is not a new situation.
    As to this so called Mother. What an amazing bad example she has created for her daughter. She may spend time in jail because her daughter’s grades were more important than the law and the rights of other students. If I was the student, I would change my name very quickly and choose a school as far away from Mom as possible.

  6. Hi lottakatz,

    That isn’t new. It happens every so often and you’re not crazy!!!

  7. “Dude, honest, there was a banner”

    Take 2 aspirin, get *plenty* of rest, and talk to us in the morning…

  8. I did a posting to the ‘Iranian/cuts off hands and feet’ thread and my posting didn’t show up but a message that my posting ‘was awaiting moderation’ was preasent when I hit the “submit” button as a banner under the comment window. I posted the ‘moderator’ message here in an attempt to not disrupt the other thread but catch perhaps the Professor’s attention (a less traveled thread) in hopes that he might discuss any changes made/in the making. Dude, honest, there was a banner.

  9. not so incredible. Had to call my son’s teacher last day of school, when the average final grade for one of his subjects was lower than it should have been. Starkly lower. The teacher claimed this was a problem on three other students report cards.

    It wouldn’t suprise me if someone was fiddling with the grades.

  10. Ah, but not everyone can go to THE UNIVERSITY in Austin. Try as they may. You mean we have other schools of learning in Texas? Did not know, did not care.

    I just find this mother actions incredible. I wonder if she was in Texas and her daughter was a Cheerleader what might have happened?

  11. I guess she couldn’t count on a legacy admission. At least I finally have an explanation for why I didn’t get into Harvard Law. The grades of the other 10,000 applicants must have been altered by their parents.

  12. “I’d love to help, Professor, but my mom falsified my homework.”

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