Sharia Court Cuts Off Hands and Feet of Petty Thieves in Public Display

85px-Coat_of_arms_of_SomaliaThe world has another example of justice by extremists using Sharia law. In Mogadishu, Somalia, an Islamic court held a public ceremony where the hands and feet of weeping thieves were cut off in front of hundreds of onlookers.

The Sharia court is part of the dominant Islamic group al-Shabab. Each thief had one foot and one hand cut off with a long knife in keeping with the dictates of the Koran.
They were convicted of such crimes as stealing a cellphone.

The group is trying to replace the more moderate Sufi Islamic tradition with Wahabi Islam from our ally Saudi Arabia, which uses beheadings and amputations.

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27 thoughts on “Sharia Court Cuts Off Hands and Feet of Petty Thieves in Public Display”

  1. MS:

    “By the way if the Nazi’s ever took over here, I’m toast and you probably would be considered worthy of political reprocessing because of your right wing views.”

    Actually I dont think they would like my views too much. You and I would be at the same camp staring at the same ovens. Me for being an individualist and you for being a Jew.

    Socialism is not freedom, when the government can take more than about 20% of your income you are on your way to becoming a slave. When it can take 50% or more you are a slave. National Health care and cap and trade will lead to a government involved in your day to day lives to an extent not dreamed possible.

    I hope you all enjoy, I know I will not.

  2. Gyges,
    Now here you go bursting the bubble of my illusions again. I never thought of you as a liberal in the first place, but since I’ve come to see that you love dictators as much as I do, well then I guess we’re both really liberals, because I loves me them dictators.

  3. “Get back to me when you fully understand.”

    I do fully understand. It is you who are so smug in your own weird belief system and so ignorant of history, who doesn’t have a clue. At this point this is as much getting back to you as you deserve. It is impossible to have a discussion with someone who is as blinded by propaganda as you are. That is a pity, because I do sense that you have some intelligence, but it is tainted by an inability to see your own misconceptions, or to even take in anything that doesn’t fit with your own preconceptions.

    By the way if the Nazi’s ever took over here, I’m toast and you probably would be considered worthy of political reprocessing because of your right wing views. I know what socialism is and I have personally known real socialists. You only know the usual suspects Rush, Billo, Sean, Glenn, etc.

  4. Mike,

    Come on now, it’s been proven that all Liberals love dictators, and we all love dictators, so we must all be liberals.

    I’ve got another one proving the moon is made of cheese.

    IS defines liberal as anyone who’s not a Reagan Conservative, why should he let a word’s actual meaning get in the way?

  5. lottakatz ,

    I wished the relationship between the US and the Saudis were as easily resolved as by calling the reps. and demanding change. Suppose the US changed its policies towards Saudis, there would still be plenty of others such as Russia or China who would fill that vacuum, and does anyone think that will have any effect on the Wahhabi influence? The Wahhabi doctrine “teaches” (brainwashes) people to be close minded and intolerant. They are spening money on Madrassas, recruitng poor people, and have spreaded their dreadful ideolgy to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of Africa already, and who knows where else in the coming decade(s). US should change its policy from overt aggression to wise strategic control.

  6. MS:

    “Wake up IS. Have any political belief you want, but at least take the time to be informed about it, or prove yourself ignorant as you did with the NAZI
    socialism fiasco.”

    the NAZI party was founded as the German Workers Party shortly after WWI. Hitler joined as a spy for the military and after a few meetings he joined because he liked what he was hearing. He encouraged several other Army colleagues to join, one being Ernst Roehm. He took control of the party and changed the name to National Socialist because he only wanted Germans to be equal.

    Sounds like socialism to me, I think maybe you need to go and do some more research. The communist and socialists in Germany made a deal-the communists would take the leftist appellation and the socialists (NAZI’s) would call them selves right wing so they could differentiate themselves.

    Sometimes if you read too many works from one side of the spectrum you cant see all of the colors of the rainbow.

    Get back to me when you fully understand.

  7. The best thing Americans who are appalled by our tick-like association with the wahabist (small ‘w’, * them) regime in Saudi Arabia can do is write and call the powers that be and demand that we break the enabling addiction to oil that we have.

    You remember that ‘If you drive an SUV you fund terrorism’ bumper sticker? I looked for one at the bumper-sticker/t-shirt store at my mall because it’s true. The Saudi’s give money and a free hand to the wahabist’s in a quid pro quo- the cleric’s don’t hassle the govt. and in return are given a relatively free hand to impose the most conservative form of Islamic law. We fund that. It’s on us too.

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