Ohio Firefighter Pleads Guilty To Shooting Two Dogs To Avoid Boarding Fees During His Vacation

gavel2David P. Santuomo, 43, is a real charmer. The Columbus firefighter has pleaded guilty to shooting his two dogs because he did not want to pay boarding fees while and went on vacation.

Santuomo was going on vacation with his girlfriend, so he took his two dogs Sloopy and Skeeter into the basement, hanged them from a ceiling pipe, and then shot them eleven times in December, 2008. He then bragged to coworkers about killing the dogs and then dumping their corpses. He then compounded his crime by lying to investigators. He told them that the dogs died after drinking anti-freeze.

After pleading guilty to two counts of animal cruelty and one count of possession of a criminal tool, he will face only 90 days in jail and pay a $4,500 fine.

I am not sure what woman found Santuomo a catch, but she may want to throw this one back into the pond.

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10 thoughts on “Ohio Firefighter Pleads Guilty To Shooting Two Dogs To Avoid Boarding Fees During His Vacation”

  1. Jill,
    I missed your response earlier. I apologize for my tardiness. I have been busy at work, but I still try to stop in at least once or twice a day. I have to make it clear that any drugs that I was taking were were all properly prescribed by a licensed physician in the State of Illinois.

  2. BIL:

    no it is not. the majority of people would not do something like this. At least in a country where dog is not on the menu.

    there are few people that are cruel and beyond redemption. Most people are good and decent. At least that is what I have found in my life. Sometimes a little quirky but for the most part decent.

  3. This is a sad commentary on the value of man. You could have left it at that, AY.

  4. This is a sad commentary on the value of man’s best friend.

  5. rafflaw,

    Where have you been? (Just so everyone know’s rafflaw was a hippie as well and he was either dropping acid or having a flashback!) Just trying to fill in some missing gaps, rafflaw!

  6. This guy deserves more than 90 days in jail. He needs to be put away for a few years. If he will go to these extremes to hang and kill these dogs, what would stop him from harming humans? He is a sick individual who does not deserve to be in society.

  7. Something tells me that he would have had the same amount of restraint and lack of emotion had it been humans strung up for the “fish in the barrel” shooting.

    Wonder why he didn’t use fire?

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