“Perv Dad For Fun”: Duke University Official Arrested For Allegedly Offering His 5-Year-Old Son for Sex

ap_duke_sex_090626_mnDuke University faculty and students were shocked this week with the arrest of Frank Lombard, the school’s associate director of the Center for Health Policy, for allegedly offering his five-year-old son for sex with a man. Police say that Lombard identified himself as “perv dad for fun” and even suggested the hotel that the undercover officer could use for the crime.

Police say that Lombard told the undercover officer that he had molested the boy, who he adopted as an infant.

He could face 20 years in prison for trying to arrange for such a crime across state lines.

What is interesting is that this was not simply a police sting where the officer trolls sites used by perverts. This case was built on the testimony of an informant who said that he saw Lombard molest a child for hours on a live website called ICUii. The informant is reportedly facing his own charges for child porn or molestation. He said that Lombard molested an African-American boy. Lombard adopted two African-American boys.

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  1. Since the prohibition against torture seems to be irrelevant and the recidivism rates for child molesters shows they generally won’t stop, this is the kind of crime that vivisection seems like the appropriate punishment for under the precedent established by the Bush Administration and protected by the Obama Administration.

    If you’re going to go pig, go whole hog as they say on the farm.

  2. It is stories like this that cause me to question stopping rape in prison.

    There should be a special hell for this piece of shit.

  3. B-Man,

    You know the problem here, this sick perv was probably getting adoption subsidies from the state to take care of this child.

    The states are the only parties that can make “legalized bastards.”

    A parent cannot disown a child as a child has to have a parents name on a birth certificate. But as soon as a parental right is lost, the child becomes a ward of the state and no parents. Or in some states cases, no way to support the child.

  4. I too wish we could shutdown NAMBLA.

    We already have some pretty good federal laws, with some pretty harsh penalties, and some pretty agressive LEOs going after these turds. However, everytime we create a new way to catch them, they counter with better methods to avoid being caught.

    I am 100% convinced that an underground network exists to support this kind of activity. They even have their own words/acronyms, used to find this stuff on the internet.

    Remember Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator”? That show received great ratings. It did a great job of exposing just how prevalent this perverse activity is. Why did it just go away?

  5. Beulah writes: It is stories like this that cause me to question stopping rape in prison.

    There should be a special hell for this piece of shit.

    me: there is. it is the gen-pop in prison. prisoners hate child molesters. this guy won’t last a month

  6. Jim Byrne:

    it went away for the obvious reason that there are a lot of rat bast….ds in positions of power. Or there is a politically correct slant to it.

  7. “To Catch a Predator,” went away due to the issue of entrapment and poor ratings. Please don’t try to make this a left/right issue anyone, because it isn’t. People like this and those who would join NAMBLA should face full prosecution and very long jail sentences, perhaps life. However, whenever these issues that cut across party lines and offend human decency arise there are those who would use them for their own political gain. In recent months we have seen articles here on “child porn” arrests for 16 year old girls posing in undies for Internet pictures.

    I’ve actually worked in Child Abuse and closely with the Brooklyn DA’s Sex Crimes Unit, in the 80’s. My feelings about child abuse and child sexual abuse are far to the right of Attila The Hun’s when it comes to punishment. However, as with any difficult issue the easy legislation ofttimes runs into the Law of Unintended Consequences and I would caution you to have suspicions about any pol, or person that makes this a crusade. Because 9 times out of ten it’s all about the publicity.

  8. The person falls into my category of an unrehabilitatable criminal who deserves the death penalty. Some here seem to think that receiving abuse himself in prison is justifiable punishment, but I do not. Since I think there is neither heaven nor hell and that no apparitional anthropomorphic father or mother figure will punish this person from on high from a Great White Throne of Judgment/Justice on Judgment Day or at Armageddon, then his punishment must be in the here and now by the same human species he has wronged, harmed, and defiled.

    I think that Mike Spindell is urging caution regarding unintended consequences and I agree. We do not need additional witch-hunt laws or entrapments, we already have the laws on the books to punish such abject criminals; however, I would want to go that extra step of issuing the death penalty for the most heinous of pedophiles, such as this person. If his guilt is firmly establish as unequivocal and irrefutable then he must be euthanized in the most humane manner possible without the suffering he has caused others.

    There is no possible good whatsoever that this person could ever do for the good of society. The cost of housing him in prison could help numerous youngsters receive cancer treatments or any number of needed social services for the benefit of humankind.

  9. It’s an abhorrent crime. It’s one of those crimes so horrid that it was a large part of the reason I used to support the death penalty until I looked into the economics of the death penalty process vs. life long incarceration. I’m also not big on fear as a weapon or torture as should be self-evident by my postings, but honestly, if anything – ANYTHING – could scare a pedophile into permanent remission? I have an idea that’s totally unconstitutional and just plain mean but I think it just might work and provide utility to society as a whole. It concerns punishment once guilt is established beyond a reasonable doubt. The words alone would probably cause most pedophiles to take one for the team rather than run the risk of getting caught even once.



    Children don’t need to be coddled and protected from a lot of the stuff over protective parents seem to go in for these days. I’m of the Carlin mind that there’s nothing wrong with a little dangerous fun, but more importantly it’s a rough world and a lot of kids are ill served later in life by not learning how to deal with some of that roughness early. But all children should be protected from sexual abuse. ‘Nuff Said.

  10. Buddha,

    The economics derives from the automatic and sometimes endless appeals in death penalty cases. I am not talking about beyond a reasonable doubt standard. The standard I am talking about is unequivocal, definitive, based on as absolute and irrefutable evidence as possible. Then there would be no appeal.

    My best example was when Jack Ruby shot L. H. Oswald. That was a definitive murder and there was no doubt.

  11. FFLEO,

    Oh yes, I realize where the bulk of the costs are incurred. I think the death penalty could be a viable punishment for some crimes if we could find a way to improve the timeliness of the appeals process (and hence lower the cost) while still maintaining adequate safeguards for justice and protecting human and civil rights. As a technical distinction, I have no issue with a higher threshold for the standard of proof for our theoretical “fitting punishments”, but I’d want no lower threshold than BRD for pedophiles. In fact, if this wasn’t a crime that so lent itself to DNA testing, I might be right with you on the standard of proof. I will also have to stipulate that as bad a loathe any idiot politician, there is nothing I revile worse than child molesters. Their evil echos and targets the innocent. It’s bad enough to be evil to adults, but to prey upon children? Isn’t that the textbook definition of a storybook monster? The Big Bad Wolf and the Gingerbread Witch made flesh. Am I biased? In this case, you bet I am.

  12. I was pro-death penalty for many years, and I still think that somewhere deep down inside, I’d like to take a turd that violates children and skin them alive. (that being the most horrible thing I could imagine) However, people lie, prosecutors lie, and defense attorneys sleep in court. While this is not the norm, at least I hope not, it’s enough for me to take the death penalty off the table.

    In addition, when the ability to escape from prison was much more likely, the death penalty was the only way to be sure society was protected from those that would likely kill again. Today, that is not the case. We can let them rot in jail. (which, in some ways, may be a penalty worse than death)-Now if an inmate kills again in prison, I may be persuaded to seek the death penalty.

    If the death penalty continues to be available, I can’t it as a possible consequence for anything other than taking someone else’s life, or for an action in which the intended consequence is death(s). If the death penalty was a possible consequence for kidnapping and molesting a child, there would be no motive for keeping the victim alive. I want to protect the victim as much as I want to punish the perpetrator.

    Like 99% of what goes on in most of our lives; I don’t think this is a partisan issue. -Thankfully, I think we all want to protect society’s children from these scumbags.

  13. should be

    If the death penalty continues to be available, I can’t see it as a possible consequence for anything other than taking someone else’s life…

  14. JB:

    “Like 99% of what goes on in most of our lives; I don’t think this is a partisan issue. -Thankfully, I think we all want to protect society’s children from these scumbags.”


    If it ever becomes a partisan issue, I am all in a favor of a “politicide” on the party advocating this inhuman perversion. For now, I’ll have to think long and hard about why I would oppose putting a real “Duke Crazy” like this out of his misery.

  15. From the second article above:


    During the chats, according to the affidavit, “FL” told undercover investigators that he had himself molested his child, whom he adopted as an infant, and that he had allowed others to molest his child. “FL” stated that “the abuse of the child was easier when the child was too young to talk or know what was happening, but that he had drugged the child with Benadryl during the molestation,” Palchak wrote in his affidavit.

    End Quote}

  16. FFLEO,

    An extremely disturbing confession. I’m really glad that most of us can’t begin to comprehend what goes on in this guy’s head. -Talk about boundary issues.

    If that child was one of my nieces or nephews, I doubt this guy would survive long enough to be adjudicated. His “due process” would be the process of giving him what’s is due.

  17. Jim B.

    I am sure a lot of people agree with you and when they (these people) are caught red handed. But they are entitled to substantive and procedural due process, however that may be calculated. However reactionary like me, when it come to violations of a child, especially when more than likely they came from abusive or neglected household and these people are being compensated (paid) for taking care of these children, the bar or standard should be extremely lower. Like Iranian Justice (Misnomer) chop off the offending part(s) and hopefully you’d have less and less of this type of behavior. G-d would have to save them as I would be unavailable to rescue them. Hell you never know, I might be the one performing the public service.

    When I was with the AG’s office I almost lost my job because of assisting in hiding a child that the state failed to protect and the abuse was much less than this. So I do know what I am capable of doing to protect the vulnerable.

  18. “But they are entitled to substantive and procedural due process, however that may be calculated.”

    Does close count? It would be substantial and the procedure would be calculated to ensure that he received what he was due. :>)

  19. Well this is certainly a topic that cuts across all sides of the political/sociological spectrum and its’ good to see the general agreement. When I completely agree with Jim Byrne’s comments and endorse them a new detente has been achieved.

    As I’ve said before I am against the Death Penalty” solely because society cannot undue to any degree the mistakes that could lead to someone’s execution. However, I must agree with Jim that had this happened to some child I was close to, they would not reach court. When I worked in Child Abuse there were many nights I fell asleep planning my execution of some abuser or pervert. Never went beyond that though, but it gave me some scant relief from the horrors I saw.

  20. In 2003-2004, while working on a case where we had established that the actor had a juvenile foot fetish (this was a dissolution case), I came across evidence of a Google search for “alt mclt” (I recommend that you don’t search it yourself). The search resulted in a number of hits, all of which were fairly benign, at least on the surface. The actor immediately chose a site called hentai-comics.com. A visit to the site presents a lot of images of what I call Japanese fantasy art. None of what I saw would have come close to the threshold of pornography. However, my review of the site was limited, as I was not a paying member.

    I asked my connection at the FBI about the term “mclt”; they were not familiar with the term. I also contacted a friend in Canada who specializes in this area. He also was not familiar with the term.

    About six months later, while preparing for trial, my instincts or curiosity got the best of me. I just knew there was something that I needed to see. So I paid, with my credit card, for a 3-day trial subscription.

    My curiosity paid off. I immediately turned over what I had found to the FBI. In addition, the images had very distinct file names, which permitted myself, and apparently the trial judge, to reasonably conclude that the actor had subscribed to the site for the purpose of viewing child pornography. This resulted in the actor only getting supervised visitation with his then 2 yo daughter. Unfortunately, the actor had done a very good job of cleaning up after himself. He had successfully erased the information from his hard drive. We could not pursue criminal prosecution, as we could not prove possession.

    This actor (I really just want to call him turd), post-divorce, and while only having supervised visitation with his own child, signed up to be a child advocate (CASA). Fortunately, the trial judge caught wind of it, and immediately intervened to end it. Bravo judge!!

    About 8 months ago, I had occasion to revisit this case. A new Google search for “mclt” revealed the meaning. It was a search for “my collection of Lolita’s and teens”.

    How did this actor become familiar with a term that LEO’s were not familiar with? He had to learn it somewhere, from someone; hence my reason for firmly believing that these perverts have underground contacts. Where and when, I have not been able to establish. I don’t have enough information about their daily legal activities, to establish a link. –But I know one must exist.

    Much like a disease that we have learned how to treat, we still have not learned how to prevent such. Until we do, I think the numbers will likely grow.

  21. I don’t pretend to understand the psychology of people involved with child pornography, but from what I’ve read, the prospects for successful treatment are bleak. Jim Byrne’s internet research gives us an example of the extent to which predators can operate under the radar. This is one of those areas in which it appears that imprisonment is literally the only available course for protecting society.

  22. Thank God, the DC Police and the Feds for stopping Lombard.

    Pray that the child receives the love and support he will need to grow up strong and live in peace.

    My name is Keith Smith. I was abducted, beaten and raped by a stranger. It wasn’t a neighbor, a coach, a relative, a family friend or teacher. It was a recidivist pedophile predator who spent time in prison for previous sex crimes; an animal hunting for victims in the quiet suburbs of Lincoln, Rhode Island.

    I was able to identify the guy and the car he was driving. He was arrested and indicted but never went to trial. His trial never took place because he was brutally beaten to death in Providence before his court date. 34 years later, no one has ever been charged with the crime.

    In the time between the night of my assault and the night he was murdered, I lived in fear. I was afraid he was still around town. Afraid he was looking for me. Afraid he would track me down and kill me. The fear didn’t go away when he was murdered. Although he was no longer a threat, the simple life and innocence of a 14-year-old boy was gone forever. Carefree childhood thoughts replaced with the unrelenting realization that my world wasn’t a safe place. My peace shattered by a horrific criminal act of sexual violence.

    Over the past 34 years, I’ve been haunted by horrible, recurring memories of what he did to me. He visits me in my sleep. There have been dreams–nightmares actually–dozens of them, sweat inducing, yelling-in-my-sleep nightmares filled with images and emotions as real as they were when it actually happened. It doesn’t get easier over time. Long dead, he still visits me, silently sneaking up from out of nowhere when I least expect it. From the grave, he sits by my side on the couch every time the evening news reports a child abduction or sex crime. I don’t watch America’s Most Wanted or Law and Order SVU, because the stories are a catalyst, triggering long suppressed emotions, feelings, memories, fear and horror. Real life horror stories rip painful suppressed memories out from where they hide, from that recessed place in my brain that stores dark, dangerous, horrible memories. It happened when William Bonin confessed to abducting, raping and murdering 14 boys in California; when Jesse Timmendequas raped and murdered Megan Kanka in New Jersey; when Ben Ownby, missing for four days, and Shawn Hornbeck, missing for four years, were recovered in Missouri.

    Despite what happened that night and the constant reminders that continue to haunt me years later, I wouldn’t change what happened. The animal that attacked me was a serial predator, a violent pedophile trolling my neighborhood in Lincoln, Rhode Island looking for young boys. He beat me, raped me, and I stayed alive. I lived to see him arrested, indicted and murdered. It might not have turned out this way if he had grabbed one of my friends or another kid from my neighborhood. Perhaps he’d still be alive. Perhaps there would be dozens of more victims and perhaps he would have progressed to the point of silencing his victims by murdering them.

    Out of fear, shame and guilt, I’ve been silent for over three decades, not sharing with anyone the story of what happened to me. No more. The silence has to end. What happened to me wasn’t my fault. The fear, the shame, the guilt have to go. It’s time to stop keeping this secret from the people closest to me, people I care about, people I love, my long-time friends and my family. It’s time to speak out to raise public awareness of male sexual assault, to let other survivors know that they’re not alone and to help survivors of rape and violent crime understand that the emotion, fear and memories that may still haunt them are not uncommon to those of us who have shared a similar experience.

    My novel, Men in My Town, was inspired by these actual events. Men in My Town is available now at http://www.Amazon.com

    For those who suffer in silence, I hope my story brings some comfort, strength, peace and hope.

    For additional information, please visit the Men in My Town blog at http://www.meninmytown.wordpress.com

  23. Read about pervert Duke adm. offering 5 yo boy for sex driving
    through SC Sunday…never thought it would be his own son, natural or adopted, black or white….this bastard likely was a
    faculty/adm. signer of Durham and campus newspaper ads demanding
    the Duke National Champ LaCross team admit guilt/leave campus in
    the infamous fake race-hate/gang rape case that inflamed liberal
    bias like a gas explosion….I tried to get to letters to editor
    of the Duke Chronicle, campus paper…but the site kept kicking me out….hopefully local and campus press will seek full apology
    and financial damage payment to coaches, players of that team, and also appropriate punishment for this closet pervert-child
    molester, who adopted two little Black boys so he idle away the
    hours molesting, torturing them….since he singled out Blacks,
    when is Obama and the Justice Dept going to go after him and the
    enabling adoption officials involved? No mention of a wife, so
    might be that he is a sterling reason to deny adoption to homosexual singles and couples, unless child of opposite sex.

  24. JT,

    Thank you for posting this story.
    I have not seen outlets in the mainstream media reporting on this. (If I missed them I apologize)

    This story is so henious and disturbing. Pedophiles are the worst most degenerate beinfs on the planet. They are monsters who leave behind untold amounts of destruction.

    What always amazes me is how lenient the criminal justice system is with these human abominations. Sell some drugs and you’ll be lucky if you get even a reasonable bail no matter how little product you sold. If you pick up a fed beef, you better pack your toothbrush b/c the feds deny nearly everyone bail. (Unless you get a lawyer who can pull some strings. B/c the merits aren’t going to get you that bail)

    It always has to do with the “danger” to the community, especially if you’re some low level dope hustler. But tell me, who is a bigger DANGER to the community than these pedophile predators?

    The feds started picking up alot of skinners b/c of the internet. So they protected these scumbags by housing them all at Fort Devens in Ayer Ma. In the feds it was known as “Fort Skinner” Devens is an FMC so there is alot of oldtimers on their death beds over there. But the skinners were mixed in with the population wing of the joint and worse of all the CAMP. That’s right they had these animals housed in a CAMP! NO FENCE! Tell me that wasn’t a DANGER to the community!!

    Well, the town of Ayer found out and they raised a stink so the feds had to move the skinners to other joints. Whenever a bus came in to a joint from Devens everyone was looked at with a guilty eye. Some guys new guys who were able to vouch for them so they were alright. But alot of guys as soon as they hit the compound were quickly identified and they had to check. WERE THEY BELONGED!!

    But it was amazing how the feds were trying to protect these monsters by essentially giving them there own joint. After what these animals do to kids they should’ve thrown them right to the wolves so they could feel what it’s like to be preyed upon. (And I don’t mean raped. I mean get a good beating and be scared for their lives)

    You got guys getting millions of years for selling a little dope. I want to know when they’re going to strengthen the sentences against pedophiles and hand them some mandatory minimums??!!

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