The Most Dangerous Sport Is . . .

200px-RefheadcheerThe National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has released its 26th annual report on sport injuries and has found the most dangerous sport to be . . . cheerleading. That’s right, cheerleading.

This is not a surprise to lawyers given the steady number of torts cases out of this sport as moves (particularly high throws) have increased.

The researchers found 1,116 direct catastrophic injuries in high school (905) and college sports (211). High school sports were associated with 152 fatalities, 379 non-fatal injuries and 374 serious injuries.

The student found that between 1982 and 2007, there were 103 fatal, disabling or serious injuries recorded among female high school athletes, with the vast majority (67) occurring in cheerleading. This represents over seventy percent of injuries or deaths among female athletes.

What is interesting is that the sports most people would have guessed are not in the top three. Football and rugby are lower on the list. The second and third most dangerous sports are gymnastics (9 injuries) and track (7 injuries).

Recently, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that cheerleading is a contact sport, here.

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23 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Sport Is . . .”

  1. Cheer is the most dangerous.. Doing a simple twist up show and go, my friend broke her arm… Doing a standing tuch my friend broke her ankle, during a COMPETITION and finshed it. People think wresling harder, wow try going through a 5 hour cheer practice, tumbling for an hour, them pushing u to do stuff u dont even know what it looks like. Jumps tell ur arms feel like they are about to fall off. Stunt after stunts.. Having to push of the pain just to try and see the bright side. Then hididng the pain at school and competions. People think cheerleaders are just preppy girls with perfect hair, bodys, and make up… But there not! So stfu!!

  2. I agree with this 100% I have personally suffered from a serious injury, I fractured a vertebre this summer when I got dropped in a stunt I was flying it. I was out of most physical activity for four months. Now, thankfully, I have recovered fully and am back to what I love!!

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