17 thoughts on “THE SECRET LIVES OF CATS”

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  2. my neighbors cat is very active. It prowls around at night and kills things. I love that cat. Supposedly it saved a kid from a nasty dog and then was adopted by my neighbor. It recently lost its tail though in a nocturnal fight with something. It is a good mouser as well. I guess house cats and more outdoorsie cats are different.

  3. getplaning,

    That is so cool! I know animals do all kinds of things just for fun. They must have had a blast!

  4. I wish I had set up a camera to videotape the squirrels that live in my pecan tree the day they discovered my kid’s tramploline. Three of them, jumping on it, swear to god.

  5. My little cat got an ear piercing without parental permission from the same giant cat who may or may not have eaten the fish from the neighbor’s pond and who is currently serving hard time, kitty lockdown, in his basement!

  6. Mike,

    That was a bittersweet story. I’m sorry about your cat’s death.

    My friend works with the coroner’s office. This is hearbreaking. When she picks up someone who has died the cats are right by that person. Several times the cat has jumped on top of the person, crying as they are taking them out the door.

    A lot of people don’t think cats love you, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

  7. As a reluctant cat couple, their own our daughter left the home and moved in with people she told us were allergic, my wife and I have been stuck with a brother and sister cat for eleven years. I love animals, grew up with dogs in my home and when I was single also had two cats. The problem is that while I love animals, I hate having pets and the responsibility it entails. Our cats followed us around the house constantly and demand our attention constantly. I give it grudgingly because they are sentient beings and presumably I’m taking care of them. When we vacation we have to hire someone to care for them and despite this if they determine we have been away to long, they stop using the litter and move on to our best furniture. We already have had to throw out a sofa and love seat, after a five week trip with someone coming in to see them every day. Sometimes I feel like King Edward talking of his friend the Archbishop Beckett and think “Will anyone rid me of these damned nuisances.” However, 3 weeks ago our male cat died from cancer and both of us were unexpectedly sad for at least a week. Our other cat, his sister, seems unaffected save for the fact that she in her mind now rules the roost.

    As Craig Ferguson often says on the Late, Late Show: “The thing about cats is if you die alone, they will eat you.”
    Sometimes I think this is true.


    Help, my life is controlled by felines, somewhere in the South.

  8. This seems to be true:

    “Cats regard people as warmblooded furniture.
    Jacquelyn Mitchard, The Deep End of the Ocean “

  9. I have never worried about what the cat was doing. But I have wondered what my then 5 year was going to play with that cat next. It has learned how to fly over balcony’s, it has learned that it likes to be hide on the top shelf of the closet, that it likes purses.. . . .the list can go on an on. Now back to the cat, I think it needs to rest in between play times….

  10. No one has to worry about the cat at our house. She sleeps about 22 out or 24 hours a day. For this, she is treated like a princess. I am lucky to get a cold, worn bone.

  11. That sure explains a lot. I welcome our four pawed furry overlords. We could take a lot of lessons from them. The least of which being that poop is for burying, not electing to office, and that if you can think for yourself and maintain a conscientious program for personal grooming you’re not constrained in life by the stupidest member of the PAC, er, pack.

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