Overspray or Assault? Florida Man Charged with Battery After Drenching Wife with Garden Hose for Smoking

250px-Zwei_zigaretten180px-Garden_hose_pistol.JPGJohn Jeffrey Murray, 51, is either a fanatical anti-smoker or a reckless hoser. A court will have to decide. Murray was charged with drenching his wife with a garden house for smoking in the house and then wrestling away a phone when she tried to call the police.

Murray insisted in a statement to police that this was merely as matter of “overspray” and that he did not intend to drench his wife. He also elbowed his wife in a struggle to hang up the phone. He was charged with domestic battery.

For the flip side of a case of smokers attacking critical anti-smokers, click here.

For the full story, click here.

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  1. IS,

    Then I shall take the compliment in the spirit in which it was offered. Thank you but I was only doing what seemed right in a situation that ideally would not be. Buddha (the real one) teaches us that right thought and good intention informs right speech and conduct on the path to enlightenment. Despite the aspersions of some, as a philosophical Buddhist, I do keep his teachings in mind. That’s all I was doing.

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    Do you have any funny fireworks story’s to go with the Jarts?

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    “Yes Bob, I do remember playing with “JARTS”.

    A couple of beers, and the resultant wet fingers, turned this into an ancient game of spear catching.”

    When you recalled lawn darts, did you have one of those “WHAT WERE WE THINKING?” moments?

    I sure as hell did.

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