Overspray or Assault? Florida Man Charged with Battery After Drenching Wife with Garden Hose for Smoking

250px-Zwei_zigaretten180px-Garden_hose_pistol.JPGJohn Jeffrey Murray, 51, is either a fanatical anti-smoker or a reckless hoser. A court will have to decide. Murray was charged with drenching his wife with a garden house for smoking in the house and then wrestling away a phone when she tried to call the police.

Murray insisted in a statement to police that this was merely as matter of “overspray” and that he did not intend to drench his wife. He also elbowed his wife in a struggle to hang up the phone. He was charged with domestic battery.

For the flip side of a case of smokers attacking critical anti-smokers, click here.

For the full story, click here.

144 thoughts on “Overspray or Assault? Florida Man Charged with Battery After Drenching Wife with Garden Hose for Smoking”

  1. BIL:

    F for observation/interpratation. I had no alterior motives.

    You dont like what I have to say I dont like what you have to say. I was commenting on a purely human level to your response to Patty C. On a human level I was surprised that she would respond as she did and that you would make such an effort.

    You get an A for humanity however.

  2. Wouldn’t you want to be an Original Turlee too? Too bad, some have no sense of decency and or loyalty and even reign in kicking dust in your face when they feel that you are down.

    But we do have some good trolls here, I think maybe, not sure.

  3. IS,

    “ah, I love it when progressives fall to pieces. internecine warfare is good, keeps the opposition off balance and thinking about other things.”

    One should not mistake a single villager setting themselves ablaze as warfare. Just as one should not mistake tangential for divided. Patty and I still share many common political goals I suspect. That we won’t be talking about them to each other anymore is of no consequence. We’ll both still continue to talk to others about those issues. Your incorporation of a tangential personal issue as somehow being “internecine warfare” into your clearly political narrative, especially after the opening sentence, betrays you again. Sure, you may just have not understood the nature of what you’d just witnessed, but your wording suggests otherwise. You’re also mistaken as to what constitutes not only a distraction (oh yes, many of us can multitask) but mistaken about what makes effective distraction towards a political end (here’s a hint: this ain’t it). You made a faux pas and sought traction where there was no foothold. Machiavelli would give you an F on that assignment. Sorry.

  4. ah, I love it when progressives fall to pieces. internecine warfare is good, keeps the opposition off balance and thinking about other things.

    But I must say (and I know no one cares about my opinion, but I cannot help myself) that Buddha is Laughing went way out of his way to make peace and did it very well and with much humility and empathy. I was rather taken aback when Patty C snubbed his hand of friendship/olive branch. Had a friend supplicated himself thus I would have been deeply touched and immediately mended fences, recognizing the value he placed in my friendship and more importantly the value he placed in me as an individual.

    Patty C must not have, based on her response, an ounce of human compassion or regard for other people.

  5. Kind of a sad thread devolution.

    Not at all, in fact, precisely the opposite. It’s something that needed saying long ago. I just don’t happen to like the actual word, however I absolutely recognize the affliction when I see it.

    You also weren’t here last year, LK…

    ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time’.

    Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)
    16th president of US (1809 – 1865)

  6. Lotta,

    It’s amazing how much more I enjoy this blog once I realized what exchanges I should just not read.

  7. Bob,Esq.
    1, July 3, 2009 at 11:46 am
    Anonymously Yours:

    “Is it Tuesday already? But then again it feels like Friday and I know its not.”

    You apparently don’t know what “see you next Tuesday” means in lady-speak.

    Try saying it slowly and see if you can find the acronym.

    Really, you can’t leave a thread for a day around here and be sure of what you will return to.

    Thanks for the heads-up. I was confused by the references to the wrong day. I’ve spent my life with women and men more plain spoken, if that’s what they thought about you that’s what they said, and I needed the instructions you provided to discern the hidden message. Silly me.

    Kind of a sad thread devolution.

  8. I made the Dubya/ladder truck analogy many times during the Bush years and it seems appropriate here as well.

    When you’re hanging on to the back of one of those trucks speedily rounding a corner on route to a fire, you hope the person at the wheel knows not only where they are going but how to drive the rig. Same thing in surgery.

    We used to enjjoy that same level of confidence and comradery with regard to the serious constitutional issues being discussed at that time until Jill came along and opened it up to anything and everything ‘out there’ (her exxact words).

    My frustrations started there and continue on to this day.

    I don’t care whether you ‘get’ what I am saying or not. I said ‘it’ and I would say it all over again. You weren’t here in the beginning when it was really great, I was. So was mespo.

    You may relish being used or having people trash your treasured art or belongings.

    I do not.

    Inconsequential is an apt descriptive for you and anyone else who has a problem with my lineage and bona fides. Doesn’t affect me one way or the other. I enjoy a full and satisfying life.


  9. Congrats! You’ve just moved from the “valued” column to the “semi-valued” and finally come to rest in the “inconsequential” column.

    No Patty, you can’t hurt my feelings. I quit caring what you thought some time ago and in order to have effect, your barbs must have relevance. Now I just feel sorry for you. Any insult you have for me at this point has all the relevance of getting the finger from a shouting wino.

    But continue to try to piss me off if you like. It only makes you look smaller, more pathetic and blindly mean spirited. Wino wasn’t a bad choice of words either, because right now you’re acting quite frankly just like an angry drunk. Bouncers get to see a lot of them too. I’m done trying to get through to you through that thick haze of bitchiness you taken to swathing yourself in as of late – just in case you didn’t get that part of the message since you’re an admitted selective reader.

    This is the last time I’ll address you until and unless you get your act together. It has nothing to do with anything you’ve done to me either, just to be clear, and everything to do with what you’ve done to yourself. Engaging you no longer benefits anyone. You feel free to continue spiraling downward and wallowing in your irrational hatreds, but I said good bye and that’s exactly what I meant. I miss the old Patty. The “New” Patty, on the other hand, is a hateful pantsload of nastiness with nothing constructive to add any longer and I’m done with her. Engaging trolls is a more profitable undertaking.


  10. Very intelligent response, Buddha.

    Aw, whatsamatter – did I hurt your feelings?

    Truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? You may not like my style, but I will tell you what I see.

    When you put your coins in my machine and push the button you get what asked for – every time.

  11. Yes Bob, I do remember playing with “JARTS”.

    A couple of beers, and the resultant wet fingers, turned this into an ancient game of spear catching.

  12. Jim Byrne: “What if the weapon of choice had been a Nerf Dart?”

    It would be better than a lawn dart.

    I grew up in the age of lawn darts.

    Ah memories.

  13. Buddha, I didn’t even read your post past the first few lines. Maybe you lost me on any possible mutual respect level a couple of weeks ago when you called me a ‘pissant’ for also sticking up for myself, yes, personally.

    Your problem is that in order for you to be right, you have to make everyone else wrong. I told you a while ago you are not that observant and you don’t listen well, either. If you responded to your ex the way you do to me, no wonder she tried to drink herself to death. Obviously, from what you’ve said she was already in a great deal of pain when you met her which also begs the question why you MARRIED her in the first place. Her issues are not my issues. They might still be yours, though.

    Jill’s vendettas, and not just against me, have been ongoing, here, for an entire year, now.

    My brother is a radio big-wig owner/operator. He has a duplicate studio in his home where he still does much of the programming and live artist interviews himself. Just as Jill demonstrated on the blawg here when she arrived, she thought she could muscle her way into the business by sucking up to me – which I likewise resented.

    You weren’t here then, but a lot of her early behavior was totally inappropriate and much of it still is, in my view.

    When I made it clear that assistance from me not be forthcoming, she had no further ‘use’ for me. NO problem there…! 😉

    From my perspective, not only does she lack polish AND experience, I am not interested in what she has to say
    (ie copies), politically, or otherwise.

    What I also resent is her tendency, likewise along the same lines, to simply not respond to challenges when she makes ridiculous misstatements of facts in areas she knows little and I am expertly qualified, like medicine and law, because it would require her to admit she is wrong.

    I am still dying to know what special kind of cancer is caused by smoking ‘lite’ cigarettes…
    …for instance!

  14. If convicted, he will lose his ability to possess a firearm, but retain the right to bear garden hose. U.S. v. Hayes (2009)

    What if the weapon of choice had been a Nerf Dart? -An item not intended to do any harm. (a child’s play toy, designed to be fired at another) Is the garden hose worse than a Nerf Dart?

    What may have started as a innocent retaliatory prank may lead to extreme consequences.

  15. Anonymously Yours:

    “Is it Tuesday already? But then again it feels like Friday and I know its not.”

    You apparently don’t know what “see you next Tuesday” means in lady-speak.

    Try saying it slowly and see if you can find the acronym.

  16. Buddha,

    Thanks for your last post directed at me regarding the original topic. I completely understand your position; however, I simply cannot agree with you when it comes to the law because regardless we all are supposed to have our day in court if our claims meet the ‘requirements’.

    I was trained and worked within the initial phases of LE; therefore, I am unqualified—legalistically—as a nonlawyer to fully defend the FL statues other than expressing my personal opinion founded on reasonableness and my LEO experiences.

    I do not think—since we have not read the sworn affidavit—that we know of the full extent of the wife’s injuries. Did she have a bloody swollen lip, etc.? I know that an elbow to the mouth can knock a person down or even render them unconscious.

    Intent was established once the husband began direct physical contact/struggle with his wife, regardless of who started what.

    Would any attorneys here—based on the available evidence—defend the husband’s actions in court and expect to gain a favorable judgment?

  17. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    That’s kind of an answer too I suppose.

    When you use your pedigree(s) like a cudgel, which I’ve seen you do more than once Patty whether or not you’ve ever used your position IRL to your advantage, you shouldn’t be shocked when it’s turned against you. You’ve even played it as if your peerage somehow gave you a superior opinion before, so let’s get this straight. Your response about being snotty to me was instead about what a snob about your peerage Jill is about you being a snob about your peerage. And how bad that annoys you. And how bad AY annoys you. With just about that much supporting substance.


    If you don’t see the problem in that, then you’ve lost all critical perspective and instead of further contributing to your self-destruction, I’ll choose to bid you good day until I see concrete evidence the old Patty has returned with something of value to say. It should be readily apparent by how I handled my ex that I’ll go to great lengths to try to aid someone I care about but that willingness ends where purposeful self-destruction starts.

    Good day.

  18. May I make an unsolicited editorial as we all do. If you do not like someone, DO NOT read the post. If you do read the post, then don’t respond to it immediately. Think about what you are trying to say, why you are saying it and to whom is it directed.

    We all, I think have a common cause, and that is the betterment of this site. we should all strive for this to be the best. I have acted less than mature and I apologize for my action. And NO I have not posted under your name. I was trying to short circuit the crap that gets rolled and move on. But that too got blown out of proportion.

    I have tried to figue out how to add that gravator. It don’t like me. So until somebody sets it up for me. I am anonymously yours.

    Which goes into who I am in name. If I said I was the relative or grandson of a major oil company founder, how would that impact who I am? It has no bearing, well yeah it does. You don’t know who your friends really are. So with that said. Let us get along.

    So Rodney King got 32 Million? I was wrong I thought it was only 10. Oh well, probably up his nose or in his vein.

    This is side topic and off topic as well. We are making a lot of problems for no real reason. I can be selfish in a lot of ways and I am trying to be better. This last weekend I met a young person, who is just starting High School. They are addressing a coke problem and the parents are pissed at her. It is ok for them to smoke weed and drink with her parents but its not ok for her to use the substance of her choice.

    I think something is wrong with that picture.

    Now really what are our problems again?

    Yes, I cut 6th grade English and have never been sorry about it. Sentence structure? What is accepted in one setting is not necessarily acceptable in another. This is crazy talk because, everyone of us here has erred with typos and other choices that would certainly have gotten us bad marks in school. But this is the real world accept that in life there are somethings you cannot control.

    Just don’t make them personal. That is when you cross the line and I address them. Someone has offended everyone on this list at sometime. However, I have yet to see the verbiage spewed like you, or is that ewe?

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