From Catwalk to Perpwalk: Supermodel Arrested in Paris for Criminal Threats

180px-ModelsCatwalkKaren Mulder has been accused of an almost stereotypical crime for a “supermodel.” Mulder, 39, was arrested in Paris today after allegedly threatening to attack her plastic surgeon. French police say that Mulder made “vicious telephone calls” over a recent cosmetic surgery.

Police say that the female surgeon was “extremely scared” after Mulder called “screaming and shouting about the operation and became extremely threatening.”

In 2001, Mulder attracted international attention after she claimed she and other models had been used as sex slaves by senior politicians and policeman, including a claim that she had been raped by Prince Albert of Monaco. She later appeared to back off those allegations. She has also claimed to have been hypnotized and raped by her father.

Her story is a cautionary tale for girls interested in modeling including an alleged struggle as a child with anorexia. She has admitted to prior drug problems and an attempted suicide. Chronic depression reportedly led to her admission in a psychiatric hospital.

She is not the first supermodel in court recently, but this is a rare criminal charge.

What will be interesting is how the prior psychiatric issues will play on the question of intent as well as claims that this was standard overheated language from a prima donna.

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  1. Well fame and fortune can do a lot for someone. Drugs can take it away quicker. But her face and body are the what makes her, her money. Without more information from the article, I would need to know what she wanted reversed.

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