New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to 15th Drunk Driving Offense — Allowed to Drive Despite 78 Suspensions

180px-Don't_Mix_'Em_1937For some, third is the charm. For Shaun Campbell, it is more like the 79th time. Campbell, 40, plowed into a pickup truck while drunk, endangering Harold A. Bivins Jr., 48, and his 4-year-old daughter, Hannah Bivins. Police soon discovered that his license has been suspended 78 times.

Campbell admitted to the judge that he had been drinking and when asked what he had been drinking, he replied: “Beer. Quite a bit. Enough to not know what was going on,” He then pleaded guilty. It was not much of a surprise since his blood-alcohol level was .288 percent, more than triple the state’s legal limit.

He is facing drunk driving charges in two other cities. Prosecutors are seeking three years and he will be able to drive again in 10 years.

I, for one, will pencil in July 2019 as a good time to avoid New Jerseys highways.

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9 thoughts on “New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to 15th Drunk Driving Offense — Allowed to Drive Despite 78 Suspensions”

  1. I don’t want to get crazy and say people don’t deserve a second chance, but this is the absurd!
    When you think about how many lives are wasted in prison, on marijuana charges, who are usually picked up in places other then their cars, and yet we let drunk drivers off with MAYBE some jail time at the second offence. It shows the stupidity we have in our laws! We should spend the money it costs to keep these people in prison, on re-hab. That may make a difference in their lives as well as society!
    I am a 67 year old woman who believes we can reduce the crimes associated with drugs, if you legalize them. Take away the profit and who will want to get in that biz! For all of you who are appalled, remember what was happening during prohibition!
    The sad part is, our government make a huge profit from drugs and not apt to change ant time soon! Greed rules, and as we see, it also ruins!

  2. These people deserve to have the book thrown at them the very first time. They deserve no mercy, no second chances. They lack regards for others, why should anyone have any sympathy for them by giving them a light sentence? It is absurd.

  3. I can’t comprehend how there isn’t universal outrage over this. He should be in prison for life. He has made a clear statement to society: “I can not or will not stop engaging in this behavior. You should therefore protect yourself from me.”

    Instead, they will wait until he kills or maims someone.

  4. Mike S.,

    I agree. Why the disparity?

    (I notice that JT has linked to the story with an anti colon cleanse bias. I protest!)

  5. Does anyone need further proof in the inequality of legal decisions throughout the country? In other places this guy would have already been in jail. In some places possession of a marijuana joint would have them in for five years. The system needs to be reformed across the board.

  6. “When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.
    Henny Youngman (1906 – 1998)”

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