McBleach: Man Accuses McDonald’s of Slipping Him an Intentionally Tainted Burger

200px-McDonald's_New_Logo180px-Clorox_Bleach_BottleJoe Jackson, 65, of Washington State believes that he has discovered a secret sauce for McDonald’s burgers: bleach. In a disturbing lawsuit pending against McDonald’s, he claims that, after he returned a cold and crushed burger, a hostile employee gave him a burger laced with bleach that burned his mouth. It is unclear why this is not the subject of a criminal investigation, but it is more surprising that McDonald’s did not settle this case in April 2009.

Jackson says that the employee was miffed at his returning his first burger. He says that he began to feel a reaction in his mouth upon his first bite that became an intense burning sensation. He says that he woke up the next morning with blisters on the inside of his mouth and over his tongue — causing him to go to the emergency room.
Jackson says that when he went to the McDonald’s to complain the next day, another worker showed him a bucket of bleach and said that his burger was laced.

His description would amount to a serious crime, but there is no mention of a criminal charge which is curious.

While he may not agree, bleach may be preferred than what a family at a KFC/Taco Bell received in their meal, here.

While Jackson says that he never wants to eat another McDonald’s burger, he may also want to avoid driving under one of its signs, here — at least until the lawsuit is settled.

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6 thoughts on “McBleach: Man Accuses McDonald’s of Slipping Him an Intentionally Tainted Burger”

  1. We’re all at the mercy of some 15 year old earning less than a gnat’s ass in wages being harassed endlessly by “guard-dog managers”.

  2. Some people will do anything to get their name in Professor Turley’s blog.

  3. Did this injured customer also request “a liter of cola”? Was this guy a state trooper?
    I agree that Mac’s should have settled this one early.

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