Are Men Obsolete?

130px-SuperwomanEarth2180px-Homer_Simpson_2006Men are now down to programming VCRs and DVDs as our only claim on indispensability. Scientists have reportedly created sperm –threatening men with obsolescence.

Scientists used stem cells to create the sperm — a possible solution to male infertility.

However, the prospects for men are not good. This was one of our main arguments for sticking around. We now face extinction at the hands of our female overlords.

180px-MariecurieThis morning I have been particularly active around the house — struggling to justify continued usefulness. I am planning to reset all of the DVD players and electronics and release mice in the house. This all began with that Marie Curie person. Women have been secretly working toward this end for generations despite efforts by men like Gen. Jack Ripper to deny them his “essence.” He warned of the international communist conspiracy to “sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.” He fought and died to “deny women [his] essence” only now to have feminist mad-scientists circumvent the men entirely. The madness, the madness. Oh tyranny, thy name is woman.

Putting aside Fellini’s City of Women, this is precisely what we were warned against in the movie In Like Flint:

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25 thoughts on “Are Men Obsolete?”

  1. My hubby’s gone to pick up the kiddo AND is bringing home ice cream!
    Here’s to a “Sunday Kind of Love”!

  2. Until my wife deals with her fear of: spiders, mowing the lawn, waxing the car, fixing house-hold appliances, and picking up the dog shit in the back yard, I feel she will continue to argue in favor of my necessity on this planet. Also, I paid for the Thai food last night. And, she won’t take Jr. to the comic book store. I’m totally safe.

  3. Men are now down to programming VCRs and DVDs as our only claim on indispensability.

    Actually, I program the VCR in our house and set the TiVo. On the other hand, even though we’re well past the wanting kids thing, he’s awful handy for opening a tight jar or helping to move furniture. And if not for him, my car’s engine would’ve locked up long ago for lack of oil. But the most important reason I keep him around? He’s the computer geek and without that, I’d probably still be on dial-up. Oh, and there is that other thing too.

    (I came here to read up on Obama’s detention policy and I find this. Hee!)

  4. I am not worried about this new scientific discovery. They have a long way to go before they produce synthetic Irish sperm in the lab.

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