Reports Shows Additional Undisclosed Surveillance Programs — And Likely Unlawful Conduct by Bush Administration

225px-george-w-bushA new government report has disclosed that President Bush authorized secret surveillance activities that went beyond the previously disclosed NSA program – raising the prospect of additional unlawful conduct by the Bush Administration. At the same time, a House member has revealed that CIA Director Leon Panetta has shutdown a program that was never revealed to Congress in direct violation of federal law. I discussed these stories on this segment of MSNBC Countdown.

In a notable change, the report now describes the entire program as the “President’s Surveillance Program,” going beyond the domestic surveillance program. It also highlights the individual who is most accountable for criminal violations as well as the failure of the Obama Administration to allow investigations into unlawful surveillance or torture. As the evidence of such unlawful conduct mounts, the blocking of a criminal investigation by Attorney General Holder grows more serious as an abdication of his oath to uphold our laws.

Notably, the “usual suspects” refused to be interviewed: former CIA Director George Tenet, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card; former top Cheney aide David Addington; and John Yoo, who served as a deputy assistant attorney general. Given the potential incrimination prospects, they have at least acted in deference to the criminal code even as Holder appears to ignore it.

For the full story, click here.

It was also disclosed that CIA Director Leon Panetta has terminated a “very serious” covert program kept secret from Congress for eight years. Rep. Jan Schakowsky disclosed the violation of federal law, but once again Congress is silent on holding anyone accountable.

For that Panetta story, click here

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  1. I’m a bit afraid to speak with pictures, so I won’t.

    But Jill is very informed, as is Mike and Buddha and Mespo. What a great bunch of patriots.

    Always an indelible read here and that’s good enough.

  2. Has Cheney had an assassination squad operating out of the White House since 2001?

    Washington D.C. is a criminal organization masquerading as a democratic government.

  3. Not only should Holder appoint a Special Prosecutor for these clowns on Monday (Sunday if Monday is inconvenient) but the next sound Cheney, Bush, Yoo, Addington, Bibee, should hear are the multiple clicks of the US Marshall Service’s handcuffs going around their collective wrists….

    The VERY NEXT video on all possible media outlets are the public Perp Walks of everyone involved…ESPECIALLY BUSH AND CHENEY…It would be a very, very good day for all the rest of us…

  4. A “welcome home” sign in Ghana proves to you that Obama was born in Kenya? This is logic?

    Obama was welcomed home to the continent of his father’s birth by excited and admiring Africans, just as Kennedy was welcomed back to the island of his ancestors’ birth by excited and admiring Irishmen and Irishwomen. There is are more than one meaning to “welcome home.”

    bdaman, you have said that you doubt that that Lance Armstrong landed on the Moon. Or was it Louis Armstrong? Or Jack Armstrong, the All American Boy? Nothing will ever convince YOU that there is no conspiracy.

    I have posted rebuttals and links for all the false charges made so far so that the readers here can make their own judgments. As I said, paste-ups of birther mythes will be answered at the Turley site.

    I will let my posts stand for themselves.

  5. Anon, thanks for the links. I was happy that Rachel on Friday night stressed the tax exempt status of the house on C St.

    The house at 133 C St SE is exempt from property tax as religious E-1. This does not appear to be legal. The DC tax law is clear: exempt property must be used for worship, study, training, and missionary activities, or be reasonably required and actually used for the carrying on of the activities and purposes:

    QUOTE ON DC ST § 47-1002
    Chapter 10. Property Exempt from Taxation
    Title 47. Taxation, Licensing, Permits, Assessments, and Fees.

    Only the following real property shall be exempt from taxation in the District of Columbia:

    (13) Churches, including buildings and structures reasonably necessary and usual in the performance of the activities of the church. A church building is one primarily and regularly used by its congregation for public religious worship;

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    So 133 C St SE is a residence and should not be exempt from the property tax.

    Access the record at

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    Assessment, one point eight million, taxes zero.

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    Refer to the previous thread for Jill’s remarks. I am reposting mine here.

    Jill is right — “The Family” clip is a must-see and truly alarming. I would agree that “we have had a coup in our own country.” And many Americans seem too busy to care and/or react.

    My experiences comport with some sort of process or program that is absolutely contrary to the rule of law and, yet, it continues. Because there is no evidence, those who should be helping (local law enforcement and/or the FBI) make the claim that their hands are tied until “someone is hurt” or there is tangible evidence. In some cases, they take it a step further and “blame the victims”, apparently going to great lengths to do so.

    Those involved in what seems to be some sort of “out of control” parallel (and arbitrary) justice system target individuals, keep them under unbelievably close surveillance, attempt to discredit them, and enter homes surreptitiously. There have been cases of vandalism and theft of personal property. It’s a sadistic, Machiavellian process that strips people of their 4th Amendment rights and leaves them with no recourse. It’s taking place in plain sight, but under the radar of most Americans. These are clearly campaigns of psychological harassment.

    There is no justification for these campaigns of terror against many good, law-abiding, patriotic Americans. When the targets speak out, they are dismissed and labeled as paranoid or delusional. It’s a pretty brilliant scheme that permits what appears to be a state-sanctioned process to continue unabated.

    I would stake my life on these claims — I know that what I’m saying is true beyond any shadow of a doubt.

    These are truly perilous times. Someone needs to expose and stop what is yet another “program” being carried out all across America. We’re in “a world of trouble”, as it’s been said.

  8. bdaman: “By the way FYI all news articles that quoted Obama being born at Queens Hospital have been switched to say Kapi’Olani. Then Kapi’olani has now taken down the letter the president sent after it was posted on there website for six months. Fightthesmears website no longer available all this in the last 48 hours.”

    Every statement in that paragraph is wrong or totally irrelevant. Show us a link to a news article that has been “switched.”

    At Dr. Conspiracy’s site, richCares has noted, for those unfamiliar with Hawaii, that Honolulu has two hospitals, both founded by Queens: a Maternity Hospital started by Queen Kapiolani, and a Medical Center started by Queen Emma; both hospitals are often called “Queen’s Hospital.” “If it’s Maternity, it’s probably Queen Kapiolani Maternity Home, the name it went by in the 60’s (now Queen Kapiolani Medical Center).” Rich said “these two Hospitals are often confused. If looking for Queens Hospital either may come up, so some made a mistake.

    “However Obama and his family never varied in stating where he was born, Queen Kapiolani.

    “Birthers trying to use a simple mistake to bolster their ignorant story, that’s normal for idiots grasping at straws. Yes, the birth certificate issue is over.”

    PS, The facility was originally opened by Queen Kapi’olani as the Kapi’olani Maternity Home in 1890[wiki]. Concerned about the welfare of Hawaii’s mothers and their babies, Queen Kapi’olani opened the Kapi’olani Maternity Home in 1890. From its inception, the hospital has played a vital role in the health of Hawaii’s women and children [official website].

    There is a story out there that made this mistake.

    The hospital still displays the letter on its site, and has it framed in its lobby.

    Bdaman was certain that Maya Soetoro told reporters that Obama was born at Queens Medical Center, but I posted the original newsletter which showed that she was never quoted to that effect. The reporter, a high school student said it, and he made a mistake. No response yet.

    Fight the Smears was a campaign website. The campaign is over. The birth certificate issue is over. Get over it.

  9. To be clear, I just captured an posted the warning that my software gave me about the link to modernghana for the information of all readers.

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  11. By the way I read the story at another blog (not World Nut) then googled it to get the direct link. I do that all the time and sometimes I use multiple search engines cause you can’t always trust Google either.

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