Retired Major General Supports Litigation Over Obama’s Birth Status

225px-official_portrait_of_barack_obama53px-US_Army_O8_shoulderboard.svgThe controversy over President Barack Obama continues with an interesting twist: Maj. Gen. Carroll Dean Childers (ret.) and active U.S. Air Force reservist Lt. Col. David Earl Graeff are supporting the litigation. On July 8th, Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook filed the suit July 8th in federal court demanding conscientious objector status and a preliminary injunction based upon his claim that President Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. He argued that, since Obama cannot serve as president of the United States, he cannot order him to deploy as commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.

What is curious is the decision by the military to suddenly revoke the deployment orders of Cook. That served to fuel the growing movement spreading this rumor. The government is now claiming that the lawsuit is “moot” since Cook doesn’t have to go to Afghanistan. Cook in turn has added a claim to this lawsuit that he was retaliated against for his lawsuit after he was terminated at Simtech Inc., a Department of Defense contractor.

The addition of a retired major general and active colonel will have more of a promotional and legal benefit for these litigants. It was an unfortunate decision to revoke these orders. The Administration should have fought the lawsuit on the merits rather than try to moot the matter. The optics are perfect for those alleging a grand conspiracy to conceal Obama’s birth certificate (which has been viewed as third parties) and hide his alleged foreign born status.

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  1. Naval Commander Walter Fitzpatric files charges against Obama last year as a IMPOSTER and USURPER that he and all his co conspiritors need to be nailed for Treason and Conspiracy to over throw the United States. According to Military Law President Obama has to be able to prove Fitzpatric of Mutiny and likewise Obama must open his files and release all his documents including his birth cirtificate and Obama has done everything to avoid this Naval Commander. This is an outrage that is not being pushed or touched upon in any fashion. shows you how deep the Treason has gone basically our entire government who are all mostly Bilderberg members. This is why Obama was allowed to USURP the Predidential Electorial Process because he is the Bilderbergs Boy sent in to finish off America and cram the New World Order up everyones rear end for nothing more than for their own personal corrupt racketeering financial gain to make slaves of everyone on the planet for their profit and gain. Bill and Hillary Clinto Obama and many other Political Military and Business leaders here in the United States are Bilderberg members. They have been meeting secretly outside the United States with Bilderberg members of other countries behind the backs of the American people for years. Their purpose is to discuss nothing more than how they are going to disarm America destroy America’s Sovereignty and the Sovereignty of all the nations on the planet in order to create the NWO. This is TREASON pure and simple at the highest level and offense against ones own Nation its people and our Constitution and every member of the Bilderbergs including the 7 member counsel above them need to be rounded up charged with Treason and Conspiracy to over throw the United States and hung by the neck till dead and then confiscate all their billions and trillions in assets and use it to pay off the Nations deficit which was deliberately created to financially break the United States. We have deliberately been put great jeopardy by our corrupt racketeering traiterous leadership and they need to pay dearly. “ATheif Hates a Well Armed Adversary”!! We the American people who may very well have to rise up a couple hundred million strong and with the help of a large portion of our armed forces take her back. They had better choose their sides. THey can be on the side of the people (their Boss) or go to bed with the Devil. If we have to rise up we will rise up and sworm upon them like locus and we will have no mercy!! Additionally Bill Clinton gave away 25 years of our nuclear missile technology to China for Campaign Contributions… can anyone say TREASON!!! and still our leadership does nothing and you know why??? They are all in bed with each other!! They just do not get it we do not want Government involved in Health Care AT ALL and they have absolutely NO Constitutional Authority to do anything they are doing and the bottom line is that they do not care about Health Care. THis is not about Health Care its about laying out the CONTROLS needed to lay out the foundation for the New World Order…wake up people and look up
    NESARA National Economic Security Reformations Act. It is the only thing that can pull the rug out from under this FREAK SHOW we call our government. It fires Presidnet and Vice President and every member of Congress and more and it abolishes the Federall Reserve and the IRS and more and forces everyone back to the CONSTITUTION. Did you know it was passed at the hands of our own Military and that after our Military had it passed into law the Supreme Court immediately put out a gag order on Congress and Senate and everyone having anything to do with NESARA so as not to inform the public of NESARAS Existance. It is real people and you need to push hard to get it declared. All they have to do is publicly announce NESARA from National TV from Washington and its done!!

  2. Does anybody know or remember Obamas birth certificate has been sealed by a judge in Hawaii. It means no one, no one is allowed to view his birth certificate, Why? It implies he is guilty, like he is clearly hiding something. This happen when he supposedly went to Hawaii to see his grandmother who raised him, Legally he had to be there to seal the records. Obama left Hawaii 1 day before his grandmother died. hmmm.

  3. A natural born citizen is a requirement by law to be the president of the United States, not a U.S. citizen as termed in this video, and on the news. It is the law, if government chooses not to follow the law, we have to speak up and protest. The Democratic Party did not qualify Obama, that is there duty, to government and the american people. Do not take my words for it, go to the Court Docket, U.S. District Court and the U.S. Supreme court. Cases were heard in December of 2008, in the Supreme Court. What you will find Obama has defaulted in case after case choosing not to deliver proof of natural born citizenship to the courts as ordered by a judge. Obama loses the case by default and cases go up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can only make decisions on lower court rulings, so the case is dismissed and the case goes back to the lower courts. This is a never ending cycle. The case in the Supreme Court is the Berg case.
    Keyword Berg on you tube and google for more. This is just one of many cases brought up against Obama’s proof of Natural born citizenship.
    The legislative branch of government is suppose to enforce these laws. Only private citizens are filing cases in the courts. There are more and more cases being filed.

  4. Jim,

    You should really consider switching to decaffeinated because there are lots of brands out there that taste as good as the real thing.

    Or you could yell and scream some more because I hung you with your own words. You killed yourself, Mr. Propaganda. That you handed me the weapon on a silver platter is just, what is the phrase I’m looking for . . .

    Funny as Hell.

    And a little unfair to Vince since he deserved the coup de grace.

    But the raving is kind of entertaining.

    In a “look at the guy freaking out over there” kinda way.

  5. Hey D-barred,

    Instead of just making claims, why don’t you try supporting one of them.

    Your ramblings are full of accusations but don’t have a damn thing to back them up. You’re a shill for a fraudulent president.

    You’re a failure. You couldn’t make it as an attorney because you couldn’t control your emotions. Now, you come here to try to demonstrate that you can what? -Go along with the home team?

    Prof. Turley should have given you the boot a long time ago. You’re a hateful little antagonist. You wouldn’t know an honest debate if it slammed you upside the head.

  6. bdaman,

    If it walks like a troll and talks like a troll it must be a troll.

    If it’s any consolation, I think Jim gets paid for his nonsense which makes him complicit and a whore for money. You just happen to be his huckleberry because you bought (and still buy apparently) Jim’s line of legally inane and logically unfounded crap he uses to disguise that he’s simply appalled a black man is President.

    In the end, birds of a feather flock together because of similar motivation. Jim’s a racist propaganda troll. You yourself have demonstrated a stunning amount of racism. Your run with troll arguments, you know, the ones without legal or factual basis. And by looking at my watch, I see you have also wasted your slack, lackey.

    Hmmmmm, smells like fresh pattern.

    Occam’s razor suggest that all things being equal the simplest solution is usually the correct solution.

    In a room full of trained logicians, I think you’ve just demonstrated what your team affiliation actually is with clarity and directness. You do not deny your nature, but you’ve proven you most likely don’t understand it either.

    Good luck being taken seriously in these parts, cowboy. All the Sheriff’s know you’re riding a Shetland. But than again, being taken seriously isn’t your goal if you’re aligned with Jim. Your goal is to create distraction from real issues and play to the basest of emotions to attract the basest to your cause.

  7. bdaman,

    You said: “Slart the left said there were tens of thousands. The press secretary said what march. The park ranger service said close to two million and a record. Believe what you wish.” I don’t believe anything on a subject like this – I wait for information and analysis before making a determination of how many people I think were there – I found Nate Silver’s analysis most persuasive. As he points out, 2 million people would have had an effect on DC similar to the inauguration which would be impossible to hide (and didn’t happen). This type of big lie is practically trademarked by the Republicans (there are WMD in Iraq, Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11, etc.) and that you even consider it possible speaks to volumes about your gullibility. As for ACORN, there are more voter fraud investigations into Ann Coulter than ACORN and they haven’t received any billions from the government – they are, however, free to compete with hundreds of other organizations for some federal grants which are part of the stimulus plan, what’s wrong with that?

  8. bdaman writes: I have said it time and again. This president was billed as the great unifier. Someone who wishes to unite the people must go out of his way to unite. He ran as a centrist, he is no centrist. He ran as a someone who claimed he would be the most transparent ever but remains invisible. I can see right thru him.

    and for this there is a remedy: next time, vote for someone else. better still become involved in a campaign if a candidate will have you.
    bitching about how a president has disappointed you on the internet is probably the last useful thing you can do

  9. Boy the hits just keep right on coming. More rumors

    Apparently the Hawaiian Chapter of AXJ has discovered the original divorce documents filed in 1964, and among them has discovered that Stanley Ann Dunham (with the help of others) did in fact present a Certificate of Live Birth of a child born in Mobassa, Kenya, which is being studied to see if in fact it belongs to a child by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, II, although Barack Hussein Obama Sr. never admitted to having a son, was never notified of any divorce documents filed against him, and was killed in Kenya for political reasons.

    The document presented by the Hawaiian Authorities includes a number “19” that does not correspond to any numbering order in the documents recorded in 1961, and they know it.

    This report needs to be confirmed, it conflates Tom Mboya’s assassination and Senior’s death in an automobile accident.

    Wouldn’t have these things being said if the President released his original BC.

  10. You don’t want to be considered a troll? Quit espousing their nonsense and defending them like you do. It’s called guilt by association.

    I warned you to consider that a man is often judged by the company he keeps.

    Which brings it full circle about the company the president keeps. Wonder why they fight so hard to not release the Whitehouse visitors log.

    Buddah my views are my views, it is who I am. Right or Wrong in someone elses view. I am who I am, I be who I be.

    I said what I said, it can not be taken back, I understand that. Name calling and labels do not do anyone justice but distracts from the topic at hand. The name calling and labels showed up as soon as my first couple of post when I came here. I won’t let it bother me anymore. This comes from a man who has been called racial slurs most of his child life and had to accept it.

    Thanks for the comment

  11. bdaman,

    A left handed compliment about my choice in provocative tactics isn’t such a good idea from someone who dropped the “Christ Killer” bomb.

    For the record, I don’t write for your approval and I’ll call a name when I see fit. It’s called taunting your opponent. If you don’t think lawyer’s do this with varying degrees of subtly depending upon the venue and to different effect, you don’t know lawyer’s very well. That’s why really good ones have skin as thick as a castle wall. This is part of the education being provided here to the student’s proper – learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. Distraction tactics vs. real argument. You are still focused on the chaff. It’s not the taunting that counts as much as it’s the arguments proper – of which you and Jim have resoundingly lost on this subject.

    And Jimmy boy ended up pinned to the wall like a Neocon fascist supporting troll butterfly for his efforts. An exposed bad actor by his own admission.

    So I’m going to have to say, “What mespo said” and wish you luck on digging out of that hole. Because right there in the post in question, you’ve pulled dirt back down into the hole. That’s counterproductive. You have problems with Obama? Hell, so do I as do many of the other regulars as well. I’ve called him a liar outright on several subjects. I’ve called him worse. I just made sure they were actually a valid subjects to attack him on first. The problem is you chose to rail against is not only a loser legally and logically, you played right into the hands of the Neocon propaganda masters who want to distract YOU from directing that distrust of Obama into something concrete – like demanding war crimes prosecutions for the Bush Administration. It’s made you look like a foolish dupe to the agenda of others – others with a proven track record for villainy. Others who put this country in the dire shape it is in today so they could make a profit. Personal wealth and party before nation! – the true war cry of the modern Neocon GOP.

    You don’t want to be considered a troll? Quit espousing their nonsense and defending them like you do. It’s called guilt by association.

    I warned you to consider that a man is often judged by the company he keeps.

    It appears you were not paying too close attention to that lesson either.

  12. bdaman:

    “I offer my statement of not from a legal mind, but of that as a common man.”


    All too “common,” it seems.

  13. Vince your statement

    The people who question the presidents birth should have raised their questions to their Member of Congress and their Senators last December, when the electoral votes were counted in joint session. They should have made their claims of usurpation back then. Failing that, they now have no constitutional resource other than impeachment.

    My answer
    This is why Cheney is/was named in suits. By law, Cheney, during the certification of those votes was to call for objections. When it got to that point Ms. Pellosi jumped spontaneously out of her chair and begins clapping wildly. I watch the proceeding on c-span. Cheney never ask whether anyone had any objections. Once again Cheney broke the law.

  14. I’ll say is this, had the president revealed the long form certificate we would not be having this discussion. I would also like to say the recent discussion remained civil to a point and the last volley has led to personal attacks. Buddha you are to be commended for not once did I see you go into a tirade of name calling in your defense.

    I have said it time and again. This president was billed as the great unifier. Someone who wishes to unite the people must go out of his way to unite. He ran as a centrist, he is no centrist. He ran as a someone who claimed he would be the most transparent ever but remains invisible. I can see right thru him.

    I realize my statement has no legal effect and this discussion is on legalities. I offer my statement of not from a legal mind, but of that as a common man.

  15. Birther:

    “I haven’t seen you contribute anything to this debate.

    Perhaps you would do well to read the comments; then you can decide who is slinging mud.”

    “hy don’t you tell us why it is so important for Obama to hide the name of the doctor who delivered him, and the name of the local registrar?”


    In reverse order, I have and I just did.

    Obama probably takes my approach that one need not dignify the rantings and blathering questions of fools with an intelligent reply. It’s rather like expecting something worthwhile to come from talking to animals–try as you might you can’t make them understand the most simple thing about the environment they live in. An apt analogy here, I would say.

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    If that’s the best you got now, sport, I’m afraid I’m just going to have to keep laughing in your face, you propagandist weenie. I hope your bosses are reading all of this because you are so demoted to making signs for the teabaggers.


    Oh, man. That’s classic.

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