Hard-Right Science: Tea Party Leader Explains the Basic of Global Warming

This is almost hypnotic. One of the leaders at a Tea Party event with the Citizens of Liberty holds forth on the science of global warming. [Note: there will be no academic credit awarded for this Internet learning exercise].

The site for this organization makes clear that this is about a world socialist agenda:

No, nothing will ever be enough for these extremists. Because it really isn’t about saving the planet in the first place. It’s about pushing a socialist agenda to cripple the capitalist nations of the west. It’s about wealth redistribution and socialist schemes under the guise of environmentalism.

While nothing will ever be enough to straighten out the socialists and other Koolaid drinkers, we have more than enough for the American people to force our government to stop treating us worse than foreign dictators and stop this cap and trade global warming tax nonsense in the Senate.

I had to add this to our library of hard-right science, here.

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  1. Brenda Ekwurzel of the environmental group Union of Concerned Scientists, is discouraging the idea of a trial. This is the same Ekwurzel who claimed global warming made it “less cool” this summer

    There has been no significant global warming since 1995, no warming since 1998 and global cooling for the past few years. Lack of warming for past decade and recent global cooling, follow a peer-reviewed analysis showing the 20th century was not unusually warm. In addition, a global temperature analysis on April 24, 2009 found “No continents have set a record high temperature since 1974.”

    Scientist Dr. William Schlesinger admitted in 2009 that only 20% of UN IPCC scientists deal with climate. Schlesinger said he thought, “something on the order of 20 percent [of UN scientists] have had some dealing with climate.” By Schlesinger’s own admission, 80% of the UN IPCC membership has no dealing with the climate as part of their academic studies.

  2. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has shocked the global warming debate by its formal call to hold a public global warming trial to decide on the “evidence” that mankind is driving a climate catastrophe. The Chamber seeks to have a complete trial “complete with witnesses, cross-examinations and a judge who would rule, essentially, on whether humans are warming the planet to dangerous effect

  3. Slart it is a rare event that in the month of July which is the middle of summer that we have over 3000 records broken as it relates to temp. Had it been 3000 records broken for heat, I’m sure you would be posting them. I know you and Buddah are smart people, but this is not how global warming was pitched. We now have more co2 in the atmosphere and world wide the globe has been cooling for at least five years. The original pitch was the more co2 the hotter it will get. Now it is very possible (not according to buddah) that there has been a negative effect of warming due to lack of sunspots. Buddah says they have a zero effect. Google sunspots and read on. The theory is that during low sunspot activity there is more plate shifts in the earths crust and more volcanic activity. The ash that is put up blocks the suns rays. What state do you live in? Also did you notice how the weather channel all last week focused on the extreme heat in the North West but narely a peep on the records broken?

    Slart if you don’t visit the climatedepot.com this would be a great place for you to start. There are many,many great articles that will help broaden your mind. My post are not all about cold temps. Read National Geographic above, very interesting.

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