The Primate Suspect: Monkey Caught on Videotape in Plant Caper

250px-Macaca_fascicularis_in_Lopburi.JPGThe owners of Plants and Planters in Richardson, Texas suspected monkey business but they hardly expected an actual monkey. When Jerry Duncan retrieved a videotape from his gardening store after a burglary, he was amazed to see what appeared to be a trained monkey stealing plants.

The gardening stores had been previously burglarized and Duncan believes that this monkey had a human accomplice. About 40 plants were lifted in the crime.

Once the culprit is found, there is a court that is equipped with a jury of primate peers:

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8 thoughts on “The Primate Suspect: Monkey Caught on Videotape in Plant Caper”

  1. Ok, see we Trained W to be President, don’t you see.

    A Monkey can be trained and has more value.

    Just remember W is a Texas’s throw away that’s why the fine for littering is so steep in Texas.

    We have already sent a Monkey to space and you know with everything good there are always Mengeles.

  2. That monkey’s clearly a punk. Look at the haircut. It tells you all you need to know. Reform school is a waste of time!

  3. What a waste of monkey talent. That little fella should be an international jewel theif or sent into North Korea to sabotage a reactor. Perenials and garden knomes, what a waste.

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