Transformed: Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Suffers Brain Damage After Drinking Gasoline to Be More Like Optimus Prime

180px-IDWOptimusMany major movies with a young audience tend to spawn cases and injuries from kids copying dangerous conduct. Indeed, some such injuries have led to lawsuits when parents blame the studios for depicting dangerous stunts. Shanghai Daily is reporting a perfectly bizarre case where a 14-year-old boy from Yibin in Sichuan, China drank two bottles of gasoline a day to be more like Optimus Prime in the Transformers animated series.

The newspaper reports that the parents suspected that he was drinking the gasoline from their motorcycle, so they locked it away. He then began to pilfer the gas from neighbors. When they found out that he had been drinking two or three bottles a day, they took him to the doctor who informed them that he had suffered from mental damage and even developed a “gasoline dependence.” The father says that his child was gifted but now cannot add even small numbers.

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16 thoughts on “Transformed: Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Suffers Brain Damage After Drinking Gasoline to Be More Like Optimus Prime”

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  6. This is a kid that I don’t want to be around when he decides to experiment with lighting his farts.

  7. This kid was brain damaged *after* the gasoline, but was some kind of gas-drinking gifted genius before? Right. And the evidence of that is that he was drinking gas to be more like a cartoon character.

    Sounds like Darwin in action, to me, selecting against his genes. If not for the lawsuit, I would feel sorry for the parents.

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  9. And to add, this supposedly started when he was a gifted nine year-old. I have a nine year-old and spend time with many nine year-olds, gifted and not. None of them are stupid enough to drink gasoline.

  10. I don’t buy it. The father said his son was gifted. What gifted 14 year-old drinks gasoline to become more like a transformer? This isn’t a young child. No teenager who doesn’t already either have brain damage or a wish to die would drink gasoline.

  11. bdaman,

    “Now that I have breathed in all that co2, my wife says I’m hotter than normal.”

    Has your wife been drinking gasoline too? :>)

  12. Jim I drank lots of gasoline when I would siphon it out of other peoples car, I never had any of those symptoms. However I did get all of those when I fell asleep under an exhaust pipe. Now that I have breathed in all that co2, my wife says I’m hotter than normal.

  13. Does China still use leaded gasoline?

    They should convert this kid to solar or wind power.

    He drank gasoline for 5 years? Here are the symptoms to be expected:

    Airways and lungs
    Breathing difficulty
    Throat swelling

    Eyes, ears, nose, and throat
    Vision loss

    Abdominal pain
    Blood stools
    Burns of the esophagus (food pipe)
    Vomiting, possibly with blood

    Heart and blood
    Low blood pressure — develops rapidly

    Nervous system
    Loss of alertness


  14. “The gasoline contains a lot of lead, which can do harm to people’s brains. To make thing even worse, the boy is in the physical development stage, and the lead has caused serious damage to his body,” Peng Houquan, a doctor from a hospital in Yibin, said.


    Sounds like a lawsuit is brewing for some reason or another. How could a parent of a child not know what they are doing at this age?

  15. This kid will make a good neoCon some day, if he survives childhood and learns who to follow and drool when the bell rings.

  16. This kid is like so many others that have grown up in the last twenty years. They learn and get ideas from two main sources. The internet and motion picture. Just this weekend spoonge bob had a marathon weekend. We stayed at a beach house and there was a four year old boy who was not allowed to watch the program because he has begun to use hateful words like stupid snd idiot. Believe it or not cartoons, movies and tv programming are not what they seem to be anymore. Sit down and watch some of the cartoons they watch and see for yourself. Listen closley and you will here some funny stuff, but do we want our kids immulating this type of behavior. The last two movies we took are three year old to see, we walked out within fifteen minutes. Was not appropriate in mine or my wifes view. These movies were advertised as carttoon movies.

    Get a watch and keep track of how much time you allow your children on the computer and in front of the Tele. Get your kids outside if you can and if you can’t play family games. Speaking from expierence, if you have a daughter and she gets to the teenage years, keep them busy every second of the day so by the time she gets home there’s only time for homework and bed.

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