California Supreme Court Orders Bar to Allow Quadriplegic To Take Exam

CalBarSealThe State Bar of California will allow a remarkable graduate of UC Davis School of Law to sit for the bar exam after the intervention of the California Supreme Court. Sara Granda is a quadriplegic who was barred from sitting on the exam due to a technical glitch on her online application.

Granda, 29, has led a tragic and inspiring life, here. At the age of 17, she was paralyzed from the neck down and can breathe only with a respirator as a result of a car crash. She was only a month away from starting college on a full scholarship at Cal Poly. She was left without use of her arms and legs. She lives on $870 monthly disability benefits but refused to give up. She went to California State University and then graduated from University of California at Davis law school.

Her dreams, however, were put on hold by a technicality and a bureaucratic response from a bar vendor. Granda did not include credit card information in her online application. The reason was understandable. She has neither a credit card nor the money. The state Department of Rehabilitation had issued a $648 check to the bar in March to cover her application fee. However, the vendor turned her down in the absence of credit card information. That led to a writ of mandamus to the California Supreme Court that ordered that she be allowed to sit for the exam. To its credit, the State Bar filed for guidance in the matter and does not appear to have been trying to block her.

She is taking the exam today. Good luck, Sara. There are few law students who could inspire lawyers across the nation before even beginning practice. There are thousands of lawyers thinking of her today as she faces the latest challenge in her life. California is a tough exam, but Sara has already overcome mountains of adversity in her fight to become a lawyer.

For the exam, click here.

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  1. I just got done taking the bar. I had seen this story on the news and they made no mention of the California Bar not trying to block her. When I seen the coverage it was clear that they wanted a good story and made it seem horrible that the Governor had to step in, etc. I read this blog everyday and I wanted to comment and say that I really appreciate getting all the facts that other sources had so conveniently left out.

  2. I know some people posing as Judges fka or ska attorneys that should take heed.

  3. One of my absolute favorite Marx Bros. scenes. Thanks, Groucho! Both of you.

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